T-Minus 3 Days

I absolutely cannot wait!!!


Can’t wait to see all of y’all in Fertitta Center this year :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


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Ugh Cumberland, when’s that kid gonna leave he’s too good to still be in school.


He’s a bit Rob Gray-ish and isn’t really an NBA prospect as he doesn’t have a consistent enough 3 point shot.

But I agree with you. Amazing that teams can’t find a spot for him.



He worked us over pretty good last year when he had 6-1 guards on him.

That will not be the case this year.


He shot 39% on 6 attempts a game last season. That’s a solid number and sample size. I figured his shot was fine, but his defense was the aspect that was questionable.

we are the last aac team to start practice … most started last week …the rest not us have already started already, with tulsa being the latest starting on tuesday…and tulsa coach was just talking about choosing to start late…we are waiting till friday

Did any of the other teams play overseas already?

Interesting. I always thought everyone started at the same date.

Is there a max number of practices the team can have before the 1st game?

4 others had international trips

Yes, you are allowed to have only a certain amount of preseason practices … scrimmages also count as practices

Such a late start makes me think we are probably going to have more frequent practices that the other teams

the rule changed afew years back, you can start whenever you want but will only have a certain number of practices


True. UH has much better team this year.

I’m not going that far yet, but if Grimes can play, then we will have more talent across the board.

Will then have to wait to see how the team comes together, especially defensively.

We could be pretty salty by conference play.


We might not be a better team than last year, but we are a bigger team than last year.

No… With Grimes we’re more talented.

I agree, with Grimes we are more talented than we were last year. But that doesn’t mean we’re a better team. Those are two different things.