Take that, Bevo

Texas has to travel to East Carolina for the Super Regional. What? Bonghorns can’t host? I thought that was an automatic. Looks like I’ll be rootin’ for the Pirates (probably for the first time). .


I recall when Houston and Texas were matched up in the super regional (the host site is determined by financial guaranteed to the NCAA-or at least it was then) and DeLoss Doss said something to the effect of “when it comes to money, we will always win,” implying they would out-bid anyone. Perhaps ECU opened up the checkbook this time?!

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Yep it was in Austin I went to that Super Regional

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I should go root for ECU in my Coog gear and sit in the UT section… :grin:

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I think you should too. That would be classic.

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The top eight seeds are protected. If the host top seeds win the regional, they get to host the super regional. The situation that year when Houston and Texas matched up was that neither team was a number one seed in their regionals. Both teams had won their regionals on the road. That is when it all comes down to the money. However, there is certain criteria that has to be met to host a regional in the first place.



Rooting for ECU but they are going to have their hands full

I was there for Game 1 … in 2002. Guess I should have made it back for G2 or G3.

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