Taking a look at Dave Campbell's Texas Football

I picked up my copy at the Katy Mills Mall Books a Million today.

It predicts that we’ll go 8-4 overall, 5-3 in conference, including a win over Washington State.

It picks King as our offensive MVP (Duh!!!).

Surprisingly, if not disturbingly, it picks our PUNTER, Dane Roy as our defensive MVP.

Hey listen. I don’t care how good your punter is (and Dane Roy is certainly VERY good!), your defense is HURTING if its MVP is the punter.

On a bright side, we placed OL Josh Hines and DL Isaiah Chambers on the All-Texas 1st team, and WR Marquez Stevenson on the 2nd team.

Biggest surprise/atrocity: King didn’t even make 2nd team all-Texas at QB. UNT’s Fine was 1st team and UT’s Ehlinger was 2nd team.



It has us picked 2nd in the AAC West behind Memphis.

Biggest positive: THREE AAC teams: UCF at #11, Memphis at #18, and Cincy at #25 are in the pre-season Top 25.

I’m fairly certain that no other publication would have three AAC teams ranked nationally in the pre-season!


Here is the deal. The bad D was 90% about bad D coaching. Mark my words…we will jump 40 spots at a minimum. Maybe even 60 with the new DC. Suddenly we will have all of this talent.


totally agree. It wasn’t the lack of talent that kept our D out of position, it was the bad coaching.


DCTF has King rated as a B+ QB. BS.

My bride picked one up for me last night while shopping. Nice.

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DCTF has correctly picked our end of season position…I dunno…never ???
They haven’t correctly placed us on a regular basis since they gave a damn, when we were in the SWC.

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DCTF is never going to satisfy any Coog that posts on message boards. We know the ins and outs of our #1 team while they have a staff that isn’t emotionally involved covering thousands (high school stuff) of teams.

Buying a DCTF is one of my favorite days of the year. Not because I learn anything about my mighty Coogs, but because it is 1 more stepping stone day on the way to football season!

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What…"Dave Campbell’s Texas (as in ut) is still being published !!

Never bought one as it is intended only for ut and a$m minions !!


Our corners playing closer than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage on 4th and 1 would be a big improvement.


Consumers used to buy the pre season mags for information. Not anymore. I know more about the team than I can read in all of them combined and can usually find inaccuracies in them. Besides with all the late transfers in today’s game they cannot even have a completed outlook on our roster.

As for our defensive MVP I expect everyone to take a shot at us considering how bad we were with Ed Oliver until we prove otherwise on the field. However to say Dane Roy has been a great punter is a huge overstatement. I would rank him as pretty average this far, but hopefully he has a breakout season.

I want to see them do well. But I am from realvill. This program has been gutted any way you want to spin it. It’s not a talent rich roster that TH inherited. Looks to me like they guy from WV has his work cut out for him! I don’t expect much more than 8 wins.

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Quite a bit of talent on offense.

Defense had holes to fill and we have upgraded the roster this off season. Time will tell because we have nothing to go on until we play OU