Talk about home cooking

Take a look at the free throw disparity in today’s game vs UCF. Un-freaking-believable.

Same thing as had happened at Alabama. Didn’t have a chance watch today so can’t really comment, but never seems like either of our teams get that kind of home cooking.

The men get a lot of fouls because of their very aggressive style of play. Sure there all always bad calls. I don’t see a problem with the officiating unless it VERY one-sided.

Also, I just looked up the stats for the Bama game, and they shot 38 foul shots to our 20. That’s a pretty big variance. But honestly, there is no basketball team, men’s or women’s, that can play a 40 minute game and only commit 4 fouls. Those refs just look foolish now.

Could be partially explained by taking almost half your shots from 3pt range while UCF only had about 20% from deep?

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