Talk about irrelevance

Nobody is even talking about the Pac12 not playing. Its like the Big 10 is the only conference not playing.


To be fair at the current moment it’s because Kevin Warren and the schools are making the PAC look a conference that rightly or wrongly has it’s (bleep) together. When you have all the kids talking out of school is hard to keep your business in house.

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I really expected the liberal west coast to shut down its football, but the B10 I did not see. Those are real football programs caving in and parents and players are mad. On the other hand there will be players looking to transfer for their senior season to schools that are playing.


Maybe because the PAC came up with an aligned plan and they are all backing it whereas the B1G 10 is acting, well…like the rest of the country.


I think that the big difference is that the PAC, unlike the B1G, doesn’t have a full-blown MUTINY on their hands.


Even if they do, they are keeping it in house. They could be dog cussing each other behind closed doors, for all we know. But, B1G and the schools decided to do this very publicly which is a really bad look.

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I thought this would be a UConn thread…


Long live Justin Fields! Not for certain he’ll play but he’s talking the talk.

If the PAC can’t generate conversation about following the leader in the B1G, then why should the rest of us care about them? The last two things I have heard about the PAC was that they were following the B1G and the second thing was their long list of player demands to share in a significant amount of their revenue.

Isn’t it really all about the safety, guys.

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No Munzell, it’s all about possible legal action.

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Right, meaning it’s all about $$$.

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They are talking lots about it on the west coast. UO football is huge up here.


And it is a stretch to say that the PAC has its bleep together. No way. It has (up until now) hands down the most messed up leadership (In Larry Scott)…
But the BIG just had to throw its hat into the ring for the Dumbass Derby on how to mismanage a situation.

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Does is matter?
They are a P5 conference. Does this make any difference?

I’m just saying they are keeping the appearance of having it together up. Yeah I agree overall, I wouldn’t trust Larry Scott to be commissioner of a paper bag at this point. But when compared to the B1G right now, they look positively well led and organized.


I agree completely. It’s like, “Hey…look at those morons !!! Watch this, I can do better than THAT…”

I always love the speculation and interpretation that the press or the general Twitter community take the liberty to speculate on even very simple Tweets. The Fields Tweet is another example.

There will be a lot of pressure from the fans and even financially to execute a spring season even if the rest of college football world pulls off a fall season which is certainly possible if universities can keep they players away from the general student population and their non-stop socializing without regard for the spread of the virus.

If the NFL pulls off their season this fall (which is far more likely than the college season), it will be difficult for the NFL to change their schedule with the draft and the start of the 2021 season next fall, especially if only a few college conferences play this spring with half of college football playing this fall. If the NFL doesn’t change their schedule, then those athletes that are in the mix for the NFL draft probaly won’t play a spring season at the collegiate level.

All good stuff to consider in crazy COVID times.

Port - if they are talking about PAC football out there and their decision to follow the B1G, the rest of the country isn’t hearing any of it.

Yes, there must be nefarious motives behind the decisions as opposed to simply listening to the advice of medical experts. None of us know that. It could be true in some cases just as there may be no truth to that allegation at all.