Tank Dell TD

Tank just caught a 23 yard TD with about half run after catch. He has caught about a half dozen by now.


Saw that, nice catch AND run!

Stroud seems to be throwing lots of low stuff but fortunately not that one to Tank. He had another on the prior series but called back on an Oline infraction.

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Another low one toward Dell

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Most of Dell’s catches were thrown behind him or very low and he had to adjust his route to get them.

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Tank w most targets today. Texans have a WR Corp.

Texans defense knocks out Indy rookie. Then cant handle Gardner Minshew.
Carved them up 19 completions on 23 attempts.
tank 10 targets

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Unfortunately, too many of his targets were desperation dump offs that had no chance of anything other than a spot catch, and that was when he was able to miraculously contort himself to catch it, which he did on several instances. 7 catches for 72 yards with the 23 yards TD being longest means that the other 6 totaled 49 yards for an average of 8.17 yards each.

There were a few spots where a clean pass could have produced long runs after the catch. But, he made the most of his opportunities. The targets stat is misleading. It could mean that he didn’t catch a good throw, but in Tank’s case it meant two balls bounced to him and one was way over his head.

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He had another TD earlier that was called back due to a penalty.


The offense is starting to come into its own. With the emergence of Collins, Tank will get more targets because teams will begin to put a safety over the top of Nico. It’s only a matter of time. Tank is very close to breaking 100.

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By another Coog :grimacing:

Yeah, there’s that.

When Stroud gets Tunsil, Juice and Howard back I think he will shine.

He has the accuracy to pick defenses apart with a little time….

Tank will be first team All-Rookie.


Agreed. They’re so close. I like Pierce but they need to pick up another running back. Singletary is kinda suspect.

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I was really hoping they picked Deuce Vaughn……I’d like to see someone like that….someone that is quick as a hiccup and causes mismatches.

There are usually only one or two a draft.


Many of Strouds passes are short routes and Tank’s TD was mostly yards after the catch. If Tank can get some passes in stride or on the sudden stop, he can juke his way past a defender or two.

The defense wasn’t great, but that’s taking it a bit too far.


had a buddy who always gives me crap for pumping UH athletes say to me yesterday “I like this Tank Dell dude”

he’s a baller.

Jones didn’t play great yesterday, but that hold on the first Dell TD was a lame flag.

Nobody saw that bomb Dell caught at the 2 yard line! It was a beauty! First UH player ever drafted by the Texans.



do we not have a Texans or NFL thread? we were talking the Tank catch on the Case Keenum thread lol

oh well

What’s up with under throws. He’s on my Fantasy team. haha

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