Help stop democrats from trying to turn little boys into little girls. Liberalism is a mental disorder, already proven. Purchase the song!

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“Boycott Target” says a group of people who already don’t shop at Target.

Pepperseed starts Target threads #27.

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Better boycott Walmart too! Which is funny, because Coogs2U is the poster boy for People of Walmart.



I figured Walmart had their own Pride displays but didn’t actually go looking.


Far-right political news personality Charlie Kirk, who founded the ultra-conservative Turning Point USA, this week was accusing Target of “grooming” kids because they were offering Pride youth apparel. But his organization is actually being bankrolled by an actual real sex offender.

According to a new report by Rolling Stone, Shawn Bergstrand, a registered sex offender and Republican, is a large benefactor of Kirk and Turning Point USA.

“Rolling Stone has learned that one of the TPUSA summit’s corporate sponsors is a Christian fashion company that is led by a registered sex offender, Shawn Bergstrand, who served time in federal prison for attempted ‘coercion and enticement’ after trying to persuade ‘a minor female’ to ‘engage in sexual activity,’” it wrote.

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Are you surprised that Walmart is trying to make a profit? They sell guns and amo there. Nothing wrong with trying to make a buck if someone is willing to spend money on it. That’s the American way. Those boycotting must be anti American.

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Absolutely not. People freaking out about a store selling legal products that they don’t like is ridiculous. Either don’t buy the products or don’t shop at the store.

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Its very pro-American to cavort with people and businesses you agree with. I love Merica but I won’t shop at Sprouts because they won’t allow me to defend myself and my family against hoodlums in their stores. So I tell my gun-toting looney friends to stay the f—- out of their EU-themed social project.

I’m still going to shop at Walmart, where else can I get motor oil and bluebell ice cream at one place?

So we won’t be expecting you at any UH athletic events then? Damn…what a shame. Anyways…

If there are a lot of hoodlums in their stores, why would you want to shop there? Seems the best defense from the Sprout hoodlums would be just not to go in the store. Alternatively you could move to Detroit like LH.

I mean plus Sprouts is a well known hang out of ne’er-do-wells and hooliganism. Unlike say Kombat Kroger which we frequented while in school, nothing but respectable souls there.

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The Exxon station :grimacing:

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Does not surprise me one bit.

Ha, ha, you know what I mean.

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