Tatyana Hill Womens Basketball

I don’t see here on the updated roster. Is she not on campus?

It’s been a few weeks, but Coach Hughey mentioned in a podcast that there were some issues with some incoming players to include some grade issues. I’ll see if I can go back and see if she was mentioned.

I see Tatyana in the team picture, so she is on campus…I counted 10 on the roster, and 13 in the team photo in another thread, all questions and speculations will be answered when practice begins…go coogs

Just listened to the interview in July; Coach said she had just scored high enough on the SAT to be accepted into UH, but it came in too late to start the 2nd summer session. Said she would be able to start in the fall (today).

Roster isn’t updated yet, but it should be sometime this week.

Thanks for the info Patrick…

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Man… We need all the height we can get.