Taylor Swift

I put this in the pipe dream category but Taylor Swift’s mom is a graduate of the University of Houston so she comes from a Cougar Family.

How much of a buzz would it make if she performed a song, or two, during half time or if we were just able to get her to attend just one game a year?

The ironic thing is that I believe our band played “Taylor Swift” songs but no mention that her mom is a UH alum. Why miss the opportunity to point out the connection to one of the most popular artists out there?

I know its a pipe dream but our marketing department HAS to start making big splashes and they need to exhaust every marketing advantage they have. She likes Football…I’m sure she’d like a school to root for!

I know we heard about the city wide party leading up to our first game vs TCU and then…nothing.

We need to get better.


I posted on the politics board several months ago that we need to make Taylor Swift the official “pop star” of UH based on her Mom’s UH alumni status.

Yes, it’d be awesome to do a promotion in which we have her sing at a UH game, whether at halftime, or pre-game.


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Why not make her the official “pop star” of UH?

Judging by how hard she cheered at an NFL game…imagine how hard she’ll cheer at a UH game for her MOM’S SCHOOL!!!


Unless UH gets hot like Colorado or her next boyfriend is a UH alum, this ain’t happening.


Her Mom is a UH alum, and they are close.

Because it will never happen

Just trying to improve the situation where we FINALLY are in a Power Conference and have yet to sell out a single home game and our stadium is 1/3 the size of the top tier programs…but with similar or LESS student enrollment sizes.

Never say never!

Should’ve done it with Lizzo


Feel like this season is nothing but Deion and TSwift talk.


we never thought JJ Watt would show up to a game…or James Harden…but boom!


Lizzo has nowhere close to Swift’s following.

I say we make Swift our official pop star, Larry Gatlin our official country star, and Paul Wall our official hip-hop star!


Point taken!

If she performed a song at say half most would leave at half as she has a cult following of sorts. Would much rather have a lil Wayne shoutout if sorts considering he actually went to school here. Take it another level and get ZRO to perform even though he is not an alumni but he aligns with the 3rd ward and I’m sure the players would prefer those sorts of tunes as I would too!


So make Lil Wayne our official hip-hop star instead of Paul Wall.

Not necessarily, but I’d prefer that over tswift. Paul wall is fine. I enjoy the chopped and screwed sound, any houston rapper such as Paul Saul, bun B, slim thug, or zro would suffice. That just my personal preference. Lil Wayne would be cool of course considering he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time, unfortunately even going to UH he reps the boot

Auto correct got me but you know what I mean

She did until she got all those allegations

I don’t agree.

Swift has probably four or five times the album sales of Lizzo.