Taze Moore gains 21 pounds of MUSCLE!

Based on this tweet and photo.

It says he gained 21 pounds during the off-season…and he STILL has a six-pack!!!

That strength coach definitely needs a raise!


And Coach White says he’s the best defender he’s seen. How do you score against that machine!?!?!


Looking at his before pic, his body looks identical to Arceneaux. I sure hope TA gets to spend some time with Bishop this weekend discussing how he could help him.

Pretty impressive what he’s done with Taze!!

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Holy crap. I need to be coached by Coach Bishop.


That’s impressive. What a quick change

That’s that I can close out games and guard 4s weight :eyes::fire:

It’s amazing to gain that amount of mass in such a short time. But what was CSU Bakersfield’s S&C even doing? It seems like a conscious decision by their program to have Moore play at 170 lbs, but why?

I told ya about Taze. Dude is a hooper. Going to play alot!!!


I’m excited to watch him play!!


That’s more believable than any Nutrisystem before and afters.

In 2 months ?

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Not that difficult. I have no problem at all gaining 21 pounds in 2 months.


thats insane!

Oh please, I could gain 21 pounds, what is the big deal.

I could gain 21 pounds, but it wouldn’t be all muscle!!!

It’d be one big gigantic spare tire!!!

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It’s like two different guys!

Curious if he gained anything on his vertical.

But in your case it’s 21 more pounds of fat!

Same as the other guy, it’s 21 pounds of fat!

For me its 21 pounds of pure sexy