Taze Moore gains 21 pounds of MUSCLE!

Hoping Taze has a great year but I will hold off commenting on his defense until Sampson calls him a great defensive player.
That would be neat.
Ready for a good season on the grid iron and then hoops!

Coach needs a YouTube channel. If he doesn’t have one. He does some impressive things with our guys.

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I’m sure it takes more effort than I am willing to expend.

The Vertical.


I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do that.

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Can’t wait to see what Bishop does with Sharp!!

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Oh, I see! It’s always good to have such a high regard of yourself! —— even if others may not see it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you don’t believe in you no one else will.

Not everyone, especially in basketball, has a S&C like this. Smaller schools are not likely to have a focus on strength training and nutrition that we do.
Taze didn’t even know what work was until he got here to see the entire scope of a great program.

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