Taze Moore game breakdown

id have posted this in the other thread but you know lol

got around to watching 3 full games of CSU Bakersfield (atleast the parts he was in) to see what he is like in real games beyond highlights… completely different type of player than i anticipated

  • i was kind of expecting almost a hinton-esqe high motor, rebounding, perimeter defensive guard/wing… he actually isnt high motor and didnt defend guards

  • what was actually there was a high IQ point big. he was at the 4 for CSUB btw… from highlights his biggest strength is athleticism, in real life games it might be his passing

non breakdown parts that the announcers talked about

  • had an insane leg injury that should have been career ending as a freshman. it required a 2 year recovery period and 5 surgeries. CSUB’s coach says he was the most athletic player he had ever coached prior to the injury (25 years as a HC, 10 were at ole miss)…coach says even now he is only at 85% of what he was… that means that all those crazy highlights we saw was him only at 85%!!!
  • CSUB subs a TON… thats why he only played 22mins a game

my break down of his game

  • he is an extremely quick decision maker, there is no hesitation in anything he does… if he sees you open you are instantly getting a bullet pass without hesitation. when he shoots there is no second guessing on if he should shot it

  • not a great ball handler but ran the offense, you see him often organizing the offense with his hands (from half court often). he’ll pass it to someone and, he’ll point to where that person should pass it next

  • defended 4’s and rarely stuck with them close (played post help) so perimeter defense will be a somewhat mystery (too small to play 4 in this league) but all the games i watched the 4s he defended were stretch 4s, so you could see some glimpses tho …he has speed, size, length and close out ability, he should able to defend “most” guard at a top tier level. might be learning curve on how he handles screens and sticking with a player close for long stretches

  • does not try to force shots, except at end of shot clock situations …smart with the kind of shots he takes

  • his handles are probably precious achiuwa at memphis level…he isnt shaking and baking anyone. but has an extremely quick burst (straight line) as a driver if you give him space (has some moves to get open but nothing crazy). he just blows by defender and you think “that was fast” (but note he’s mostly defended by 4s). not a great finisher if you meet him at the rim and go up with him…

  • the dynamics of him shooting are odd…he will not shoot contested 3s, 75% of the game he isnt even looking to shoot, teams dont even defend his shot and give him space, but then for like 3 minute spurts will decide he is steph curry and take super long 3s without hesitation…and makes most of them!!!

  • this is an honest breakdown of his game, so ill note that if an opposing team at our level really wanted to take him out of the game offensively they could… if they put a 6’4+ good defender on him and told them to play him close, i doubt moore would even attempt a shot,… but i dont think opposing teams will focus their defense on him, and he will get gaps to exploits and shoot

  • does not seek rebounds, almost of his rebounds are from just by chance of being in the post… but the same can be said about most players before they get here… hopefully he picks up the culture quick


Pesik thanks for the rundown on Moore and time you put it researching the future Coog.


I didn’t even think about this but if we keep that scholarship open. You think we see a Sasser Edwards Mark Taze Fabian lineup at all against some teams?

I said his handles were on the same level as Roman Walker do you think that’s a fair judgement or are they better or worse?

kinda off… they are different kind of ball handlers … ramon is probably way better in the east west ball handling (handles for shot creating)… taze is probably better navigating through space on drives and doing it pace
you probably wouldnt feel great with either trying to go off the dribble vs a top end defender… i dont think taze will ever be an elite ball handler, while ramon its just about development and think he can get there… by his junior year (if he is still here) i wouldnt be shocked if we are iso’ing him with top defenders like we did with grimes this year

i should note that CSUB played 4 out on offense (they had 4 on the perimeter)…he wasnt some back to the basket post. he was a 4 from them, but used no different than a wing on offense…i was noting the him being a 4 for the aspects of defense

OOOOOOOOO. Glad you mentioned that. I could see that kind of lineup causing certain teams fits. Actually, now that you have me thinking about Taze and others in non-traditional roles. Kelvin is going to have some serious flexibility/adaptability next year. He could find some really interesting combinations to cause mismatches for our opponents.

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Highlight mixes can really be deceiving. I got the impression his game was more similar to Hinton’s but with elite athleticism. Sounds like he’s more similar to Armbrester though.

Gotta think the staff sees a way to mold his athleticism into a really good wing. We know he will have to rebound and defend but if he doesn’t take open looks he won’t be playing as much. Hopefully thats just a confidence/coaching issue.

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So highlights from the past two years are post injury. Seemed like most of the highlights were from a year ago. I hate to be the guy talking about competition but it did look weak in that league. Do they have any rim protectors? Is there any concern about stepping up to our league?

Still a lot of variables to what you see in a player’s games. He will be in a different setting with much different personnel around him. Appreciate the analysis but he may look like a much different player when he suits up here than what you observed for three games.


Yes all the college highlights are post injury…
If we recruited him to be our star player i’d be worried about a step up in league…his athleticism , hitting open shots and good passing will translate, and that was why we brought him here

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Looking forward to seeing him in our role. Also an offseason in our program may do wonders for his recovery and development.

He 100% will look like a different player here… no chance we put him at the 4 (unless we are playing a small ball team) he is 6’5 and weighs 180… with the size in our league he has to play the 3…
Every one here adopts the rebounding philosophy by force, so it’s unquestioned he’ll be different there too…and he could be elite there with his athleticism

How we use him on offense will be interesting, that will be a complete mystery till there are games

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He’ll be the first or second guy off of the bench. Depending on if we land anyone else. Will be big-time coming off of the bench. Especially for a spark.


Last year we would play a lineup like Sasser mills Grimes hinton Fabian a lot to close games, if Taze can guard those stretch 4s and we get him to use that crazy athleticism on the boards I can see Sampson closing with that lineup a lot. Edwards Sasser Mark Taze Fabian could bring he’ll to a lot of teams

Don’t forget too he picked us over Arkansa and Creighton(and there fans were really upset they didn’t get him). If those teams feel like he can play in the SEC and Big East I think he will do just fine coming off the bench in AAC lol


He or Walker can possibly fit in as 4th guards if we choose to run small.

I know we are looking at continuing to win the AAC, but we are really going for the whole enchilada and not just a regional championship. Not that I would be disappointed with that.

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Josh Baker plays against Kilgore at 10:30 am

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