TCU's Gary Patterson on UH to Big 12

We had TCU head coach Gary Patterson on The Weekly Brew podcast this week, and I worked in a question about UH as a potential candidate for Big 12 expansion, and was very pleasantly surprised by his answer. All sounds pretty exciting… Immediately following the Patterson interview, we get into some of the big names that have come out in support of UH -> Big 12. Give it a listen!

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That pretty much seals the deal for the Texas contingent supporting UH, which means we’re very likely in. Four schools can veto other additions, so if Kansas State wants UConn or West Virginia wants Cincinnati, fine, you got 'em if you vote for UH.

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Patterson has welcomely changed his tune. Not long ago he was grousing about how expansion was a bad idea.

That is why the top 2 have probably already been picked … one from south and one from north …

The remaining two … or … one … is no doubt being fought over like those infamous royal WWF battles

and whoever is left standing gets the final choice.



Paw, appreciate this pic of latest Big 12 meeting discussing expansion…:laughing::laughing:

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Old Paw sounds like he’s on that good ole Poly train.

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Bingo…All aboard Davy…err, paws… .choooo…choooooo!!! :slight_smile:

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The conference WILL expand - to 14 teams, and for one compelling reason: MONEY! No way are they going to leave ONE BILLION DOLLARS on the table. :wink:

And, we now have enough support that they CANNOT get to 14 teams without taking us! Period! It is only a matter of time; the only uncertainty is the other three teams. :grinning:

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I still have to shake my head in sadness at what football has become. They only need four teams to get a billion dollars. Doesn’t really matter who they get. Could be a couple of high schools, the Russian Olympic team, and a jazzercise class from Omaha, and they get a billion dollars.

If you told most people that the Air Force was spending a billion dollars on new golf courses for its California bases, there would be rioting in the streets, but ten schools in flyover country get a billion dollars from their cable bills just for adding new teams, and nobody is batting an eye…in fact they’re celebrating.

What happened to amateur sports, or a sound mind in a sound body?

YouTube link to the Patterson part:

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