TDECU as concert venue?

Sitting here waiting for the rain delay thinking about how we should upgrade our stadium speakers. Why don’t we have speakers on both ends? It would sound so much better. If we were to upgrade the sound system, TDECU would be an amazing place to watch a concert. Much better than Woodlands, if they can have concerts in Reliant, why not here….Big money maker and stadium recognition? Please start soon game. Damn lightning delays.

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We literally just upgraded our sound system and it sounds better


Music sounds good now.

Let’s resume play already. Rain is gone but feel like I’m a steam bath now.

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Ok 5:09 restart.

TDECU can’t even run operations of the concessions efficiently and we want to do concerts? 4 port of sales system open on home side that are not Chic-file and Patron.

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Ok. They have it cranked ip now. Definitely sounds better than it used to. Why no speakers on the other end though. Just curious?

Wi-Fi was horrible and cell was just as bad. At least staying until the end after most left improved things.

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Maybe the other set of speaker comes with the stadium expansion to 75k

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The new speaker system is dangerously too damn loud.