TDECU Experience

Three comments/observations . . . . .
Straws for drink cups TOO short
Paper towels machines already empty (NE bathroom) by 2nd quarter
No ice for drinks on visitors side by 3rd quarter.

Last night was obviously another “learning” experience . . . . .


I didn’t use straws for beer so my drinking experience was stellar
Paper towels were out in a couple dispensers ~4th quarter but one still had them after the game.
No ice in my beer so it was perfect.

Last night went off pretty spectacularly for me.


The whole campus had a different feel pregame. Better signage to point people towards parking. Lots of tailgating in blue lot. The Party on Plaza in AAC was sweet, but will be better when it’s not 100 degrees. Crowd was good. It felt different to me.


Ticket scanners seemed to work much better. Stadium seemed cleaner too.


I attended the UHAA Life Member tailgate and enjoyed the setup and lineup of activities i.e. autographs signings, photos, etc.

Parked in the blue lot and it was nice to see the tailgates alive and active coming in on Cullen and walking from there to the stadium.


Sat in 308, never again. Too much climbing for a 63 y/o.
Limited concessions there as well.
Nachos really sucked.
Waited almost 12 of the 15 minutes of Q2 for a wine then nachos.


Getting in was easy, lots of scanners and nice flow.

The straws were the wrong ones for the cups.

Food options looked good. They ran out of donuts.

Liked the music for the hype video. Is TDECU now called “The Jungle”?


Will the top be open for the next home game?


Bring back Seatz so I don’t have to send people in my party to bring me drinks and food.

And if seatz is brought back, have them include Hugo’s in their menu options.


Nasa has agreed to build a geodesic dome over TDECU as a test subject for the Mars colonization project . . . . .


Couldn’t get WIFI—again.


I have AT&T service and had service a few times, but not long enough to do anything with my phone. We are front of second level and service has been terrible there since the stadium opened . . . . . Anyone get really good service up there ? ? ? ? ? If so, what service do you use ? ? ? ? ?


I give my experience yesterday a 7/10

Good: Security and ticket scan was a breeze. I for one love mobile tickets. So easy. I came from downtown and love being able to ride the rail for free. Love the design for this year’s souvenir cup.

Bad: Men’s restroom was completely out of paper towels by the second half. Concession stand was out of some sodas at one point as well (although I appreciate the worker telling me this rather than filling up my cup with non-syruped carbonated water, I always hate when that happens). Wifi was spotty. Had major issues with my T-Mobile service; I don’t recall it being so bad at any previous game in the past few years.

General observations: The lines at the concession stands behind the home sidelines are WAY shorter. They’re kind of hidden and you need to go up some stairs to get there, so I guess people don’t know about them. All the other concession stands had lines 10-20 people deep all night, but the home sideline concessions had no lines. Better signage might help.

I think the students may not realize that sections 239-242 are now student seating. I get that they’d prefer to sit down low, but still, I observed that the lower student sections were 100% completely full while the upper sections were maybe 20% full. Plus half the people sitting in the upper section didn’t look like students to me. Need to communicate this change to students, especially when we have a sold-out game.


I have Verizon and was able to connect fine, but honestly complaining about stadium wifi is really grasping for straws. Anyone who was at UABs stadium for the Auburn bowl game knows it was next level bad there. I couldn’t even receive texts, and that building was brand new. Any time you have that many people together you aren’t gonna have good wifi


We have 8 seats in 242, and have made friends with folks sitting around us and in 241. We have been there since TDECU opened, and our groups average age is 70. 3 or 4 of us were students, back in the '60’s. Does this mean we get student discount/tickets ? ? ? ? ?


Blue Lot had so many tailgates when we parked at 3:30ish. Great to see that. When the weather is conducive I’ll set up for a game. My gear is gathering dust since I last used it for the OK gave in NRG.
The nightmare of using the handicap spots in Blue is over (I hope). They had a good system working. We’ll see how it goes for the next game.
We went to the Life Alum gathering. Nice to be out of the heat and no complaints…food was food and I scrounged a few extra drink tickets from non-drinking people and had a couple extra Stellas. But tbh it’s like all the CP/Alum things in there. It doesn’t feel like a pregame tailgate.
I saw/heard that not every gate check treated water bottles the same way. We brought in full, capped bottles but the guy at the next entry point to our right stopped a lady with a full bottle. Friends also had differing stories on empty bottles. One had no problem, a couple others had to argue and get a supervisor to allow them in with an empty water bottle. We were able to refill them at halftime but heard that two of the stations were empty in the second half.
I thought the crowd was loud and it looked pretty good from our seats in 105.
The Oilers jerseys, well, as a former Dome beer vendor and later season ticket holder I kept seeing Bud Adams flashing his middle fingers at me.
WiFi was spotty at best. Took me awhile to figure out that Seatz app was fubar here, It kept telling me I was at Citi Field in Queens N.Y. Saved me from ordering a $20 bottle of crummy beer so there’s that.


The Upperdeck still looks like an unfinished construction project, needs some skirting or something. They should have B12 signage everwhere around and in the stadium. Be proud of it.


I hit the walkthrough market at a pretty good time and it was a breeze

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I wonder if the intramural fields will open up later in the season for tailgating.

Sorry but WIFI is a problem. There are certainly positives about TDECU, but a good connection to the Internet isn’t one of them.