TDECU Experience

They told us in the second quarter there was no ice left in the stadium! Someone needs to do a better job of sticking the shelves


The papertowels issue is certainly one that needs to be fixed.
There were some issues with the ingame programing (like honoring the team from the 70’s still when play was ready to start, and showing us the referee’s view of the play review.
I did like the new metal detectors, security and entry was so much easier and quick. Also like they had the UH branded covers on the metal detectors so they blended in better.


They might go that route if it fills up. There were definitely more folks out there in Blue than I can ever remember seeing.

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I have VZ and WiFi was spotty and kind of annoying.


Flat out lie. My concession stand behind our seats had ice till the end of the game. I had multiple refills of my soda and always asked to top off the ice.


No they wouldn’t to us…would they lol? But hey the cokes weren’t cold but we got more without the ice.

Thought the tailgate on gate 1 wasn’t as full because of the alumni tailgate going to aac

That they moved the alumni tailgate to the AAC was a good idea to make people think it’s a shorter walk

We have more signage and more people to help with stuff

Need more fraternities and sororities out there

Need more businesses giving out stuff and making it more interactive outside

Thought there were more people and lines were moving fast

No ketchup at the dispenser for fries but meh

Everything else was good. Enjoy finishing at Woodrow’s all the time. They deserve a bigger tent.


My only complaint was they ran out of ketchup lol so I ate curly fries dry lol

Every yr we run out of ketchup wayyyy to soon. They should have people checking and refilling which isn’t tough to do, otherwise it’s all good from my experience.

My first beer (from a concession stand) was not cold AT ALL. My 2nd (from the walk through market) was, because I pulled it from the back of the freezer.

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Good: Hugo’s food was excellent. Tacos were filling. Little pricey but whatever. Getting beer at the Hugo’s line was a breeze. Never a huge line of 5+ people. Entering the stadium was also easy. Glad they changed the way to go in. Made it faster.
Bad: Mens bathrooms near 130 were out of paper pretty early and the floors were wet. Probably should have someone at least care for the restrooms each quarter. My group likes to stand in the concourse near 130 and have always been respectful standing behind the red line to not interfere with the Loge box people. They did not have security or attendants to push people back behind the line. UTSA fans were pretty rude of crowding around these loge boxes and at one point little kids were running in and out of one groups box. Need more dipping dots stations. The one near us had an INSANE line all game.

Overall, I think things ran smoothly. Just need cooler temps :sweat_smile:

I posted at the beginning of August about available :wheelchair: seating for season tickets in the 300 section. All in all seating is good as well as experience. The only beef I have is that there are no maps available designating where the elevators are at for those of us that climbing stairs is a challenge. Stadium staff was very helpful in helping me locate the elevator in the lounge section so no problem with them at all. They did have to send me to a supervisor to finally direct me to an elevator location in the lounge section because normal staff were also not sure exactly where the elevator was for ADA. The other issue is that in the lounge one elevator goes up to section 300 and the other does not. Neither are labeled so luck of the draw getting on the right elevator the first time. This does not help when you have mobility issues and the elevators fill up quickly. Folks were nice and made space for me so it worked out. I do think the university can do a better job for folks with accessibility issues. I am fortunate enough to get around with assitive devices on both legs and a walking stick but for someone in a wheelchair the whole experience would have been bad. Updating the TDECU map with elevator locations and signs at the entry all the way to elevator would be very helpful. If that is cost prohibitive, a Kiosk at each gate with a map to the elevator would be helpful. I give the stadium staff a big plus though because they did get me where I needed to go. This is more on stadium layout and lack of signage or even map marking. If someone produces a link of a TDECU map with elevators marked, then my mistake. I searched prior to the game and could not find one.


I think they misspoke . Some vendors ran out until they go get more . They can’t stack all the ice right the concession stands. The one I used ran out in the 2nd half but when I returned about 20 minutes later they had replenished it . The folks I sit with got a refill at the same time at another vendor and they got ice, the guy on the other side of me was drinking margaritas at he had ice .

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Next game each person is allowed to bring in 5 standard sized ketchup packets or one Whataburger ketchup.

I don’t think this is a new problem but certainly with better attendance a worse problem.

You should for sure bring that up to the athletic department, seems like an easy fix on signage and training.


I forgot to mention, I liked the new graphics package this year.

The Margs. had plenty of ice.

Wonder why, but then I really know why, no one in the drink sales department does not realize that when the ice level begins to lower, to order additional ice instead of waiting until they are out completely. I live in a small town and carry artificial sweetener when I go out to eat because many restaurants here run out and wait until the supply service brings more. With Walmart within 3 or less miles from every cafe in town, there is NO REASON for outage, just as there is NO EXCUSE for running out of ice in some locations when there is plenty of ice available from a central storage area . . . . .

Sometimes the frontline people are idiots but someone should have said they were going to get more ice or tell everyone we will have ice in 10 minutes or something.

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Anybody find a Hoppadillo or Art Car IPA anywhere in stadium? They would sell out of it last year so seems odd they would stop stocking it.

The walk thru market was cool, I’ll use it frequently from now on


You ought to fellow 60’s Coog !