TDECU Open House - August 27th

Just saw this posted on twitter -
I am assuming the gates open at 5. The image was cut off at the ends.

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Yay! It’s a pseudo-Fan Appreciation day! I’d love to check out the new locker rooms and get a pic of the shiny trophies!

First post here. Still getting used to the new format - but I’m liking it.

Funny how in the Cougar Pride Q&A they said no fan appreciation day this year. I guess they changed their mind.

I guess it’s not the traditional “Fan Appreciation Day” that we’re used to (photo and signature ops).
This is still cool though.

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I believe the preseason donor dinner is that same night in the stadium club.

Hmmm, that’s interesting. There’s a Cougar Pride Kick-Off Event going on from 5:30-7:30pm in the Stadium Club.

Talked to Cougar Pride and confirmed that both events are going on at the same time. Very unfortunate with the timing.

The thinking is to give events for people with and without major money. I definitely didn’t get any invite to the CP Kick-Off meeting, so I’ll be touring the locker room and checking out the field.

I understand but can’t blame the donors and they will miss out on being able to tour the locker rooms that they helped pay for.

Well, you can’t call it “Fan Appreciation Day” since the players will be at the CP kick-off dinner. I do want to tour the locker room though.

I know, I want to tour the locker room also. Oh and see if I can even remotely come close to kicking a field goal.

I am not blaming the donors, but at the same time there are always more events for big time donors than everyone else. I am fine with that, because big money buys privileges. Even though I don’t give 5 figures, my money helped pay for those locker rooms too. So I am appreciative of them throwing me a bone with the open house.

It is unfortunate for those who want to do both.

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Just to clarify the locker rooms were donations made specifically for the locker room and were not taken from Cougar Pride donations. Carry on…

Still unfortunate that donors can’t attend both at the same time

Agree with CoogDave. Would be nice to attend both.

I was told the kick off event is going to be very similar to the signing day event (hear from CTH and other coaches. RK and Hunter). It was not a dinner with players attending and if I had to guess the players will not be at the kick off event. At the signing day event they had food stations set up and it was a cash bar. In prior years the kick off luncheon was a sit down lunch (in the athletic center in door practice field) with 10 at each table including 2 players. Maybe they moved to Saturday so more could attend. Donors at the All American level $1,000 + are invited, So it is not just the 5 figure donors.

With this crazy rain, I hope it will be a pleasant Saturday for both events, especially for the fans and students at the open house

Cage Rage/Open House set for Aug. 27


About 743 times the planning went into the Open House than the Fan Appreciation last year.

Agree with dskillztown. Just wish it was on a different day than the kick off event.

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