TDECU Stadium Renovations & Expansions

In the meantime, now would be a good time for season ticket holders to see if they can improve their seats.

The analogy is like buying a stock:

Some season ticket holder did not renew their seats thinking the next few seasons were going to be bad (or that the stock was going down). You are trying to upgrade your seats thinking the next few seasons the team will improve (or the stock will be going up).


Single seat season ticket holder. I’m not wasting money on a 2nd ticket I can’t give away.


But season ticket sales were supposed to be improved with a new coach. This investment helps explain why we aren’t buying out the baseball coach.


Does anyone know when the seat upgrade window will start?

The new endzone facility will keep it small and intimate, yet loud. There maybe more suites added but not general admission. The party atmosphere is where it is at, not empty upper decks.

First piece of precast concrete in place.

Same here, got tired of burning money on a ticket that i couldn’t give away post-herman.

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Suites don’t contribute to the atmosphere at all. They generate revenue but grandstands filled with fans that are actually engaged in the game create the atmosphere we all love about college football. Look at all the sold but perpetually empty high dollar seats at the basketball games.

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Sure, nothing beats a packed stadium. Excitement is contagious, but if you ask your 10 buddies where would you rather sit, in the party deck or the upper deck, it would not be close.

A lot of people bought season tickets just to get tickets for UT. According to a ticket office guy, a bunch have yet to renew and as of a few days ago, renewals are going slow.


According to ticket website:

Season Ticket Renewal BEGIN – March 11th
Season Ticket Renewal DEADLINE – May 10th
Season Ticket Reseat Process – May 20th-24th
Group Tickets On Sale – April 1st
Group Ticket Seating Allocation – June 24th
Mini-Plan On-Sale – July 4th
Single Game Tickets On Sale – August 1st
Season Tickets Sent Out – August 12th


Yeah, I believe it. I’m sure a lot of fence-sitters look at the single-game ticket prices and availability and just don’t see the value in committing to season tickets.

On the ticket sales side, I get the feeling that the AD may have thought that just being in the B12 would drive season tickets to new records.

What happened to all those people that said they would renew season tickets if Holgorsen was gone?

We need a call out list on all those posters back in December.

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I think what can drive season ticket sales would be to call up anyone who is on the waitlist for basketball season tickets and somehow make promise to jump the queue if they get season tickets for football.

I remember the days before Sampson when you can show up with your football ticket for a UH basketball game.

Where is the precast concrete placed ? I’ve not seen any concrete other than pumped . Not that it’s a big deal , I was just wondering :thinking:

Bottom right corner of the new section.



Thanks . My construction FOMO has now subsided


I think this is part of the issue.

I read many different forums and this is not as common other places as it is here so it seems. I never really thought of season tickets as being a way to save money on tickets and the value vs individual games. I see it as a way of guaranteeing the same seats, getting to know people around me, supporting the program. I also see others talk about concerns about passing their seats on to kids or think long term about improving location. I don’t often see people on other forums talk about getting season tickets because of the value over individual tickets. It happens yes, but I just don’t see it on forums as much.

I wonder how that mindset gets changed or if it will become more common at other schools with the paying of players

The value in season tickets for me is the group of people that sit where my season tickets are located. I rarely see or talk to them the rest of the year, but we all come back every year and we are at all the games win or lose because we enjoy the time spent with each other every season.


I’m guessing you weren’t the ones who got screwed on the seating when TDECU opened.
There were people with high CP donations who got worse seats in relation to their seats at Robertson.