TDECU Stadium Skin

Passed by the stadium today to see this. Good sign I guess.

Thanks for posting, I should have asked permission first, but I just posted this on the other site because there was a lot of varying information about what was going on. Hope that’s ok, I gave you credit.

No problem, just trying to spread the word. I was too lazy to find the thread on there and honestly I like this site more than the other guys.


+1 for staying in your car to take the picture.

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Too hot for me to get out of there. Will swing by later this week to see if there was any progress.

If you shuffle the red rectangles around, they spell out “P5” so sure sign we will get good news soon.

It looks like they are taking down the metal panels not adding any…

Well, if they are actually removing the metal panels already installed, that makes me think something else might be going on. Remember that Tillman Fertitta was quoted as saying the stadium would be expanded as soon as we get an invitation to any P5 conference. So - - maybe they are preparing to expand (just a little wishful thinking there, maybe!).


I was thinking the same thing.

If they were “finishing” up, they’d be adding panels, not taking most of them off of the north side (that’s all I can see in the attached picture).

Well writing the word “Southeastern” takes up alot of real estate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tarp, RIP -

Thank god that tackiness is gone.

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Compare the tarp picture with where the crane is located in the first pic.

The crane is clearly adding new panels.

I’ll check Friday, see if we can see any progress one way or the other.

Contrary to a post I saw on the other page in regards to removal of the panels of the north side. (Not true) stuck around and it looks as though they are installing new panels.

I just don’t think people realized how big of a hole there was on that side of the stadium. Here after the champ. game you can see how it was covered with a secondary tarp.

If you notice, a row of panels looks to be installed as it is closer to the beam supporting the lights.

Just drove by again. They have definitely added more panels compared to morning picture.

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Why is SonofBum driving a maroon truck???

All the panels needed was a wash. Much ado about nothing here people.

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