Team Captains Announced

Matthew Adams, Dillon Birden, Steven Dunbar and Garrett Davis announced as team captains per Duarte.

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NO QB …This is why I do not agree with taking so long to name the QB.

Well if Allen is the starting QB it would be odd to make him a captain; he’s never played a snap during a game here.


That seriously concerns me. I may be traumatized from Bill O’Brian’s QB handling. I am starting to lose confidence in our QB situation with them dragging this on. Maybe I am missing something y’all. Help me out here.


Lol yes I’m sure the team is not aware of who will start Saturday.

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One would have to assume that Arizona will be practicing as if Allen was the starter. If Allen is the starter, we gain nothing by holding out the announcement 6 days after our season was suppose to start. Which leads me to believe, Allen isn’t the starter.

Or, maybe that is exactly what Applewhite wants them to think.

Anybody think Birden will have a bigger role at RB than expected being a captain? The other 3 are bona fide starters.

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Birden may also be in key special teams role

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Look we are just back to a somewhat normal schedule. Major is not showing his cards. Why should he? Keeping the pressure on the Team and the QB’s is a good thing when you consider what has happened.
Kyle Allen played at Desert Mountain HS in Scottsdale, AZ. This is roughly 2 1/2 hours from UA, Tucson, AZ.They have a library of films on him. They have known him since middle School. and local camps.
He might have played with Boettcher in HS. An OL surely knows a thing or two on his QB.

I am 100% positive he is going to start but why announce it right away? Our other QB’s are pushing Allen that is a good thing. This is a good thing for the entire Team.

He personally went through this with Simms at UT and Allen needs to win the spot. Applewhite does not want to annoint anyone that has won the job on the field. He didn’t have much competition in the spring. Additionally, Applewhite may need to determine a number 2 in the event something happens to Allen.

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I get your point. He wants Allen to win the spot IN GAME. “Power isn’t given, it’s taken.” Strong point. That makes sense.


There are two probable options for us at QB and I’m confident any team we are playing can prepare for the advent of those options.

Didn’t have a QB as captain 2 years ago and did OK.

Birden’s a great story; overlooked coming out of high school even though he was the Chronicle POY, went to Blinn and was forced to WR, came to UH where he was basically just trying to find a role, ended up playing quite a bit at RB and did well, and now is a captain. Good choice and he could very well turn into that Elandon Roberts type leader that they seemed to be looking for last year.


Your right. I need to relax our season is almost here and I am started to get jumpy. Haha #GoCoogs

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Didn’t he also start out as a db here before being moved to rb when catalon got injured?

He did and played DB against Lamar last year before they moved him to RB due to Catalon’s injury