Tech beats shorthorns!

They were down by 10 in the first half but came back to win…good for us. Our win over Tech just got better


Was a great game. I was able to catch the final ten minutes. Glad Tech won and glad they didn’t shoot like that against us.


we have a better defense then Texas…and they heated up against us in the 2nd half…but we’re so far behind they couldn’t beat us.

Watched the whole game. UT slowed down in the second half but we kept up the pressure and played our game. Ours was in Tech friendly Ft Worth.

Interested to see what NET formula does with this. Great win for Tech.

And to top it off WSU beat Tulsa, giving us sole possession of first.


The game was on in the restaurant when I went out to eat tonight; ut was ahead by about 10 when I left. So glad Tech came back to win - tough on the whorns. And the game was played in Austin too. Love it!


Now watch, both of them will be ranked ahead of us next week …

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I could see tech jumping us. With our cancelled game and only 1 other game this week it will probably happen. Still love seeing that number next to our name though.

Sitting at 6. Tied with quite a few other teams with 4 quad 1 wins. 1 point at Tulsa would make us the only team with 5 quad 1 wins…

The Big 12-2 is a complete dog fight. It will send a lot of teams to the dance while we will be lucky to have two teams.
It really hurts that the AAC has no other ranked teams


if tech beats baylor on saturday, they will jump us for sure

Actually both teams have one conference loss but we have one more win (5-1). And remember they beat Tulsa twice and we have to play them on the road.
WSU is the surprise of the conference IMO and will be very tough to beat there. We will have to be on our A game…

This is one where I will actually be pulling for BU, for UH ranking purposes.

Gonna have to disagree, would rather Tech pull off a big win over Baylor to jump us higher in the NET. I am more concerned with our NET ranking than on AP writer’s rankings and opinions. Also, it will make our win over Tech look even better.


The one thing I can guarantee you is that if we lose anymore conference games we will drop drastically. That’s the problem with not having any other ranked teams in the AAC


I am not sure how TT won that game.
I don’t expect them to beat Baylor. While I want TT to do well and I don’t want them to do too well.

I lost focus on that game down the stretch because it looked like Texas could just pull away any time they wanted. In the first half they were hitting so many 3s, playing really good defense and rebounding really well too. Tech did not look very Tech-like in the first half, giving up 48 points and a ton of offensive rebounds. Then UT’s shooting started cooling off in the 2nd half allowing Tech to start chipping away at the lead.

I’ll say this. I would not want to face Texas in the tourney. They have really good shooters and Sims and Brown would be a load for our guys to handle in the paint and on the boards. Not only are they big, but they are very good rim protectors and rebounders. Their size and athleticism might prove too much for us. Also, I’m not sure I could emotionally handle a loss to Texas that would send us home from the tournament!


I find this a bit funny. Let’s look at the evidence we know. UH routined Tech in a game in which TT, playing in a favorable venue, never really threatened. TT goes into UT’s gym and beats them, as in “scoreboard”.

I know I tend to have a glass half full kind of world view, but sometimes I think we sell our own team short.  Boise State, another team we routined, is pretty much dominating every other team they play.  

The only UH “blemish” is more a function of the funky schedule and the vesteges of the Covid outbreak than an accurate reflection of the team’s skill.

As I view the data - I would be happy to say UT is good, but I would be delighted to play them in the tourney - if we are all healthy.

Not sure who you are replying to, but those quotes weren’t from me. However, applying a transitive property is faulty thinking. Matchups are quite different from team to team and just like we aren’t the same team now that we were when we beat Tech, neither is Tech the same team now that they were then. A lot has changed, but one thing I think we should all be able to agree on is Texas and Tech are both really good teams this year. That doesn’t change the fact that I want to see Texas lose every single game they play. That will always be true!