Tech Game moved to NRG

Nice payday…we need it.


Now that is worth moving the game.


I’m for us playing the kickoff game, but I hate losing a home game to do so. Guess we need the money though.


Berman all over this…good reporting.


And that was our only OOC home game scheduled for that year…bleh

Yeah, I’d also take $2.4 million to not have to sit outside for 4 hours in September.


2.4 mil is a big pay day and we don’t have to travel away for it so it seems like the right move.


Sometimes I wonder if this was done purposely by the opposing team (forcing the issue) knowing what the campus environment can do. The purpose of having the new stadium was that reason so you can get marquee games.

If they’re paying that coin what is being taken in?

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$2.4 million reasons to say that was the right decision. That is more than most bowls the AAC has ties to. Currently the game is scheduled for Sept. 18 whch is a Friday, so it will be a prime time game, maybe nationally televised. I wonder if the date will hold or if they would move it to an earlier Saturday for the kickoff game. Sept. 5 is open for us, I don’t know about TT.

EDIT: BTW, we still have only 2 OOC games in 2021. Thanks for letting me know Vandy backed out.


FBSchedules says it’s 2; Rice and Tech. Who are they missing?

I’m betting that $2.4M is gross and doesn’t take into account what we lose from the home game going away. Will be interested to see the details as they come out.


Although Tech does very little to get me excited, with the kind of year we are facing this year with the dang Chinavirus, I guess we could use the extra cash.
I am one of the few who would do a a two for one with Texas, Agy, or any other big name school, even if we had to play at NRG…
Frankly I would hope 40k show up for the Tech game…playing this year and having a good year might help some…


Unless something has changed that I missed we have 3, I have a printout that includes Vandy on Oct. 2.

Overall, not happy with this. I was excited for it as a student after seeing the result of the OU game at NRG (wasn’t a student then). But after going to the Wazzu game, not happy at all.

Student section was disorganized. Scattered around a certain area. Students were being mixed in with casual fans. Casual fans were telling students to sit down or quiet down. If the students are being told to do this, then the team is playing in the wrong stadium

Seats were assigned, and not GA. This means people had to miss class or try to group up together to get their tickets. Thankfully, they got their passes at Cage Rage. But from there, you had to show up AGAIN to get your seat. People wanted to sit together. Our org could sit together after everyone left. If orgs, groups, and friends can’t sit together, we’re playing in the wrong stadium, and there’s a broken system

Both of these led to fights with people in the section. People got kicked out, it was overall a bad idea.

It did NOT feel like a home game. It felt like a neutral site game. When we played our Fight Song or Alma Mater, WAZZU’s songs were being played over us. If this is what they call a home game in Houston, we’re playing in the wrong stadium

As an alum, and potential MS student (Deciding between here and VaTech, which would be a sweet sweet OOC game), I’d rather see our stadium be packed with less of a payday (or potentially more, because ticket prices can be raised), over moving it to a place where TDECU Packed != NRG Packed.

Screw the payday, move it back, showcase what TDECU is and how us in a P5 can get us that sweet, sweet money and exposure. Let the students be fuckin rowdy instead of having to ‘behave’ in the mix of casual fans or those that don’t want to stand, and let us rip Tech to shreds in The Cage. I still see Robertson broadcasts with crowds louder than anything TDECU/BBVA/NRG related

@red80, the Vandy game got cancelled. We’re not playing each other anymore.


I am on record multiple times that I HATE moving previously scheduled home games to NRG, Advocare Kickoff or not. But $2.4MM is a lot of chedda, at a time that we are gonna need it. Can understand the move in this case.


I see what you did there. LOL :sunglasses: :+1:

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We played tech at home and it was nowhere near a sell out. Not to mention students weren’t there. If UH is getting money than it makes sense in a year after almost no revenue coming in. I for one hated the wazzu game because of how it was done and announced during game. But, if they fix it and make it more like OU feel then it’ll be a better experience in a closed stadium in September.


I just looked up future schedules and updated my future schedules. The printout I had was from last year. I guess Vandy needs a patsie, thanks for the heads up.

We’re too good to do 2 for 1 with the P5s, but we’ll gladly give away a home game for $2.4MM?

How much do we make from a sellout at TDECU? Ticket sales are probably at least $1.5MM, plus concessions, corporate sponsorships, parking, etc. This doesn’t seem like that big of a win.

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This is a good move.

Nice pay day and anytime we can be featured in the Advocare Kickoff game is good publicity.

I’ll take it.