Temple Getting Hammered

… by UNC 34-6 in the 3rd.

Mack can coach a little

AAC not looking good in this one.

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O-fer so far.

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Every year on Coogfans during the season: “Our bowl lineups suck, we deserve better!”

Every year on Coogfans when the AAC starts losing bowl games: “Bowl games don’t matter”

Navy, Cincy, and Tulane are favorites, hopefully they take care of business. I will be cheering for Penn St to lose tomorrow too. Still happy SMU got blown out though.


May not be a good post season for the AAC this year.

UCF stomped Marshall. The conference will be 1-2 after this one.

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At least they made a bowl. We sure could’ve used the extra practice a bowl affords.

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The AAC is not a really good football conference and it is proven every year at bowl time. Navy should win. I worry about remainder.

There’s a handful of very good g5 teams and they’re scattered among the conferences. Although I don’t think there’s a real g5 standout in the bunch this year, unlike UCF the last few years.

Big deal; when I was the age of those kids, I got hammered quite often.


I’m thinking memphis surprises. We’ll see

Disagree. Bowl games are their own animal and have zero/little correlation with week to week performance in the rhythm of the season.


Lol…you play all year to get to the bowl game. To insinuate they don’t matter is to rationalize the obvious. Its funny that bowl games are important to everyone the AAC plays…but not to the AAC.

That should be the conference motto: “THE AMERICAN…p6 except for Bowls!”


Our bowl tie ins are atrocious but it’s still necessary to win them.

All this season pundits have talked up the AAC because we had better OOC records than ACC and PAC. But people will only remember how badly we do in bowls.

Reminds me of the CUSA days when even our CUSA #1 couldn’t beat the SEC #5, or whatever our matchup was.

I believe the opposite is true. People have generally accepted the P6 concept (or at a minimum that the AAC is the class of the so-called G5) despite poor bowl performances.

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All I know is if a team beats the Hell out of you they get to say they’re better than you.

Agreed, regular season wins over P5 teams have carried more weight than bowl wins for the AAC.

Lol…what bowl wins?

Temple was absolutely man handled at the line of scrimmage. And, therein lies the difference, IMHO, between the P-5 teams and the G-5.

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