Temple--next Home game

Called UH Ticket office. Tiks getting scarce through UH w/o going through StubHub(brokers selling ) which I don’t like to do. Anyone trying to get rid of-sale one ticket for Temple game. UCF, Cincy gms also very few left through UH Tiks. #GoCoogs

Guys… Take note of the tip-off time of this one. 6pm. Tell your friends. I hate to think a bunch of people don’t make it to the arena on time because they assume that it’s a 7pm start.


Done. I went ahead n went through the dreaded StubHead :roll_eyes: . $31.00 total for Sec 116 Row 3 so not bad, same place I sat last night. UH wanted 43.00+5= $48.00 for 1 row over. Wife can only go to weekend gms so about to look for Cincy, UCF gms, sure will be tough ticket more I wait.
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Just counted 63 left through UH

They advertised a packet of 4 tickets for $35 at the ECU game but I believe the deadline was midnight last nite

Hmmm, didn’t hear that. Only needed one for Temple so went through Stubby.
Trying to purchase 2 tiks/ gm for Cincy & UCF, having go through StubHub for those also. For Cincy gm UH yesterday had only $200.00+ tickets left. Even Stub is going to be 50.00-60.00 on low end. Who would have thought you see the day UH Basketball tiks are Hot market! I was still in College early 80’s last that happened :grin::grinning:


UH v. Temple at FC will be a legit sellout. All of the seats should be filled (or with fans standing at their seats). Enough UH students and casual basketball fans in the city of Houston know that UH lost a close game in Philly. Everyone has heard something about the infamous tie-technical and how it played a role in the eventual outcome of that game. Our Coogs want a packed house for an intense game with revenge on everyone’s mind. I’m excited for this game. It will be a SRO crowd, it will be loud, and it should have everyone on their feet making the FC solid red with chants of “DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE…” I know we have Tulsa on the road first, but I’m amped up for the Temple game.

Go Coogs. Peace.


Such a smart idea to reduce seating at Fertitta Center. We are a hot ticket. Season tickets actually look like a good deal now.


Think Tulsa. We aren’t so good that we can look ahead. And I hope we keep that mindset from here to the end.



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We owe Temple big time for our only blemish.


Hope this one sells out soon.

Every remaining home game needs to sell out.

Oh they will. South Florida will come down to the wire but it will sell out as well. The other 4 are shoe-ins.

Is anyone else as excited about Thursday night as me?


I am.

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Very excited to kick Temple’s butt!!!


I’m excited about every game. Season is going by too fast