This is a weird and, frankly, disturbing way to oust a coach and so as to not owe him a buyout. Basically, the Tennessee administration is ratting on itself to fire Jeremy Pruitt for cause.

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The good news is if Tennessee does fire Pruitt, Herman is available and UT is his dream job.


Damn, that is cold. Talk about being unpopular

I thought U of Toledo was his dream job?

Sumlin to UT!!

Maybe they can hire the hobo living in my basement. I hear he is great at coaching alcoholics… on how to drink more…

He is limited on his options. Tennessee, Toledo, Tulsa, Tulane…


I live in Knoxville. Local radio would like Herman. They rate him above Gus M and below Hugh Freeze. All SEC fan bases want Hugh Freeze but none have gotten him yet.

What you call disturbing I call smart. Pruitt will settle for a lesser amount than the insane buyout. TN knows this will set them back but they’re willing to take the slap on the wrist to save some money and get another coach. It’s a risky move but they’re willing to blow it up to push the reset button.

They’ll need to make a Mike Leach/Dana “here for a while” hire though. New coach should get 2 year 0s because of the violation fallout.

UCONN hoops might have done the same thing with Kevin Ollie and Hurley has worked out for them after some patience.

Good luck finding a Coach Tennessee.

Of course there is always this UT…


That’s hilarious, I was thinking the same thing, after watching The Golden Child the other night…

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Tennessee puts the “fun” in disfunction


why not use VISA gift cards like everyone else…

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The good schools use bitcoin

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I surely hope schools are not giving cash right now with the national coin shortage going on.

Cash donations are against COVID protocol; This team should be banned for playing for at least 2 full seasons out of an abundance of precaution…

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I doubt they are handing out coins, the cash is the folding kind with a zero in the number – maybe two zeros.

No, I mean when spending the cash. Everyone wants exact change now. Give these guys some plastic to swipe.