Terrible news out of Austin. ut football related


Hate it when any young life cut short….sports or otherwise.

Headline edit to reflect tragedy of event.


Very sad indeed. Initial reports suggest it was a medical-related death, but no official cause of death has been given.

Oh dear. Praying for the entire family


So sad… I watched Ehlinger alot at UT. His father died when Sam was young. Now this tragedy. Prayers for Sam… What does Medical related mean?


My opinions of UT, it’s administration, it’s pompous controlling alumni (the money guys who actually control things), and some of their fans do not extend to the players or their families. Indeed, it is sad that the young man died and I know the family is devastated.


Very true. Unfortunately not all have that attitude.

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Bummer, T&P

So sad to hear this…bringing us all back to the reality that football is just a game…praying for the family


That’s horrible.

Died of heart attack at age 46, Sam was 13 at time.

Edit: He actually if I remember correctly was in a race when it happened. He did Triathlons.

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Sam’s father drown in the swimming portion of the triathlon. Devastating that that a family goes from the joy in the video to yet another tragedy in less than a week.


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Medical related was a poor choice of words on my part. What I meant to convey is what the initial police report stated: his tragic death didn’t appear to be suspicious in nature. Prayers and peace to Sam and the entire Ehlinger family.

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Sad news. :frowning_face: Thoughts and prayers to the Ehlinger family and his loved ones…

terrible news, so sad for his family and friends

I really feel for Sam and his family, they need our kind thoughts and prayers at this time. I am proud of my fellow Coogs responses to this tragedy. Pure class, the Cougar Way! Let The Perpetual Light Shine Upon Jake!


So sad to read about this tragedy. :pray:

This is just very sad.