Texans have fired Culley

I need names on who’s a good replacement. See who gets it right. Wheww they have a ways to go. Always Houston here … no matter!


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No need for all the they are Trash till McNair sells team…Save It. Those can go jump on Cowboys wagon at moment… hehe.
Just the Houstonians who still want the local Team to do well. There’s still a lot of us around!


BOB is available


Come on down Josh McDaniels.

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Gave the man 1 yr to fix the sh** show. Hmmmmmm


See , you had to be first. Now go back to sleep. All kidding, i hope you know. I’ve dropped off alot as fan, ftom when I was Hou Oiler season ticket holder in mid 80s for 6 yrs. Pretty inexpensive back then vs Now.

He was just quick stand in IMHO. To take first HC job in mid 60s. Did as good as he could. Maybe he’ll stay as Asst.

The Double Bubble chewing gum stock just cratered …

Four other NFL HC also bit the dust recently … so finding a half decent replacement before they do will be interesting … and considering our half-wit owner I don’t give us much hope …

This franchise has been run by idiots for years. I feel for a coach that was given months to fix horrible decisions that went on for years. I sure hope he got a good severance pay. They do not deserve him.


I’m almost certain they planned to fire him after the season before they even hired him.


I am willing to bet that a retread will be hired.

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He was on a 2 year deal @ 4 mil/ yr of course. So he walks away w/ $ 4 mil in his pocket if that helps w/ severance pay Chris. Always here to help in anyway I can.


Thank you Jess22.

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Someone mentioned Harbaugh. Wouldn’t mind him.

Edit: Current Michigan coach.

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Yes Sir!

The relationship is there from their Patriots years. It would be interesting to witness if this “Patriots combo/” if hired works. Past ex Pats hires have not worked out too well.

They should hire Brian Flores


I would go after Brian Daboll … Buffalo’s OC … one nat’l title at Bama as OC under Saban and 5 superbowls at NE …

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