Texas and okie lite

So far okie lite looking good.

Looks like the cool thing to do this season. run back FG on Texas…

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Texas has a good offense. If their defense could tackle they would have a good team. That and not let people block and return their extra point attempts.

Watching this game…I don’t miss not having a defense.

Tackling is atrocious.


AGAIN!..10 min later AGAIN! :football::raised_hands::facepunch:

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This seems to be the theme of the Big 12 this year. Apparently Texas has forgotten everything they learned from Oscar Giles.

Charlie, you might just want to go for 2.


I have never seen so many XPs blocked. What the heck!

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I have zero doubt that we would romp through the Big 12. The caliber of defense the entire conference plays is just pathetic.

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Texas is UH 2006

Now okie lite has taken over.

The big tuna is in trouble!

If tackling wasn’t allowed in football, Texas would have a pretty good team.


They really can’t tackle to save a life.

Texas has incredible athletes

They are horribly coached

The Texas Head coaching position will become available at the end of the season or if not sooner

How does a team with so much talent not know how to tackle. They could be a really good team if they could make half the tackles they miss.

If they keep Strong, I can see them coming after our DC.

Crappy day for us: horns lost and Baylor won

I agree TO is going to get picked up after 3 or so seasons. Our D is awesome!

He will or he’ll be promoted here. (If something God forbid happens)

I love Major, but that D is special


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