Texas and OU to SEC?

A few years back, Lance Zerlein floated the idea that the future would be four conferences of 16 teams each.

SEC would get to 16 with those 2.

The Super 16 of 4 Confs has been widely discussed for 5+ yrs , so thst part is not new and what is expected sooner than later.

Well I don’t know if this will come about or not. But I am confident in saying that if it does happen we will officially be in the endgame meaning if you don’t get one of the chairs when the music stops you aren’t getting a chair.


If we don’t, why bother?

Yep, then once we go to the former Big 12, it become G7…

If this does come to pass, at least Baylor will finally be kicked to the curb where they belong.

Sadly, this ends with Baylor either in the same conference as us or a better one.

We better get in a P5 this time or it’s over


Well. This feels real. And our football program has been terrible. Not great timing. About to get left behind. Again.

Thankfully our basketball is elite right now that could be our saving grace.

It could also be posturing to get a better Big 12 TV deal.

I can’t picture UT in the SEC. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it. I feel the same way about OU.

But if the PAC re-emerges (yes, “if”), then isn’t the Big 12 the weakest of the P5 with only UT and OU as potential, regular, national contenders? There’s a lot more chances for strong programs in the PAC than in the Big 12, IMO.

We’ll see.

It will be last time, this is our last chance, gonna be 4 super conferences, we got to get in

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I agree. It does feel like this is the last chance.

If we don’t get in it’s over. Turn out the lights the party is over.


Then ND has to go to the big 10.

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I hope this does happen. ND is right In the middle of the B1G footprint, and it would give the conference a true east coast presence (maybe the B1G could politely dump Rutgers).

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