Texas bishop keeping nuns in line

Go get ‘em padre! God wills it!

Unless he’s the one that caused “ the break” I’d say he’s screwed.

What would Jesus do?

Catholic Church needs to change. It’s really old school of nuns and priests not allowed to get married. Again the pool they get from is dwindling bc how many men and women can handle celibacy in this age? The Catholic Church changes slowly but they do change every few decades so hoping they do.

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I attend a Lutheran Church here in San Antonio….Usually go on Saturday nights.
Very similar in beliefs as the Catholic Church but more laid back IMO.( We do take communion)

It’s a Missouri Synod branch so it’s pretty structured and follows all of the scripture very closely…the pastors have been great and I have not found them to be hypocritical at all.

Chastity is nonsense. It means absolutely nothing. Humans have needs, regardless of what genital obsessed posters on this board believe.

“an allegation that one of the nuns — who is seriously ill and uses a wheelchair and a feeding tube — broke her vow of chastity with a priest” -

Really. A nun in a wheelchair. A feeding tube. I had to read it several times to make sure I got this right. Assuming this is true, why isn’t the bishop haling the alleged wayward priest out in public?

This isn’t about breaking a vow of chastity, this is about overstepping boundaries and shaking down a religious order. I’ll take the word of Discalced Carmelites.

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They just used a lot of Worcestershire sauce….

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I’m thinking maybe Tabasco.

I was particularly inspired by this: "During her 50 years in religious life, Sister Wilhelmina witnessed the changes brought by Vatican II and sought to preserve the habit, even constructing one of her own when the sisters stopped producing them.

“‘She spent so many years fighting for the habit,’ said Mother Cecilia, who said Sister Wilhelmina took seriously the idea that the habit signifies the wearer as a bride of Christ."

Having just finished reading The Incorruptibles by Joan Carroll Cruz, I’m grateful for her example. Pay more attention to the incorruptible soul than the body, though.

I recommend the book by Wilton Barnhardt called “Gospel”. It’s kind of a “National Treasure” story about the search for a lost gospel. Every single religion believes it will validate their version of Christ and whatnot. Turns out he was an apostle recruited because he was from a rich family, and he’s not smart. I don’t think I spoiled anything, but it really digs into religious traditions and why we all do the things we do. It’s an amazing book.