Texas goes full circle on us (U of H)

A little of this is being bitter and maybe I am reaching a little bit, but now we can sit back and see the whole picture all along.

Texas played nice with us about getting into the Big 12, acted like our advocate, and then stuck it to us twice within about a month. No Big 12 expansion which hurts us in many ways but also discourages our coach from wanting to stay. Wouldn’t be surprised if Texas told Herman that it will never happen for U of H. Then they come and steal our coach away in turn hurting our progress, likely incoming recruits, and overall our program.

I just wish Herman had to explain himself to all of the fans in additional to all of the players that he COMPLETELY lied to on national TV yesterday. To say that discussions with LSU and Texas were absolutely false and then be gone in 24 hours shows the ultimate deception because these deals don’t happen overnight.

I know I know, this will keep happening until we get in a major conference, but I think we have had our fair share of deception, betrayal, and (insert any other word you chose) more than any other program. I hope that we can stabilize our success, recruits, and improve from here.


I agree with you fellow Coog!

Now will be interesting to see UH vs UT-Houston battle

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