Texas in the way

Texas in the way.

The UT scorched earth policy continues. UT Destroyed the SWC and now they are destroying the Big 12 by refusing to recognize the big picture. Always trying increase the longhorn share of the pie instead of making the pie bigger.

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According to the scuttlebutt that I have read so far …

They only discussed expansion the first day for about 90 mins and left it for another time …

AND … gasp!!! …

left all that $$$dinero$$$ on the table …

MY TAKE or GUESS … is that they didn’t want to waste all that time arguing about who the candidates should be but needed to resolve the CCG first. That topic took up the rest of the week.

Yep, good possibility they make an expansion decision in August once the schools/networks hash out who they want.

Could you imagine, again imagine, OU, UH, BYU, and school X to the Pac 12? or UH and OU to the SEC?

I’ll put down the polly pipe

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UH is in a spot now where it is a valuable expansion candidate to a number of these conferences. The B12 can take us and retake some of the Houston TV sets back, or they can have majority of the Houston market go to other P5 conferences. UH will be in a P5 within the next few years.

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