Texas is getting rid of mandatory state vehicle inspections

Not sure that it accomplishes a lot. Sucks for people involved in that business though.

Auto safety is important. It would have been better to have inspections every two years.


California only has smog inspections.

Texas has always reached too far on the vehicle safety stuff.

EDIT: And we always knew the places that would pass you. This was through my far right, law abiding dad.

Not sure this is a good idea at all. I can imagine people driving with balding tires, non functional
brake and turn lights. Puts more people at risk imho. I wasn’t aware that 35 states have already
done away with the yearly inspections however.


Reminds me I need to do that tomorrow so I can renew my registration.


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you still have to have a smog test I think. So you still have to make a yearly trip for that.

I guess the EV tax was enough to compensate.

Right, that would apply for 17 counties only I recall reading.

I read the article and we still need emissions checked each yr then if you pass you go to Kroger etc and pay the fee. Only change is they won’t do safety checks like breaks, wipers etc. So it’s easier somewhat but still the yearly hassle. If they are only doing emissions testing then it’s a waste bc few cars nowadays are really polluting. They will still fully inspect commercial trucks and vehicles. The help it provides is there won’t be scams by shops saying you need new brake pads etc. There is a gain from this new law though on that side.

Also less fraudulent inspections and such to police.

Back in the early 90’s I had a 78 Trans Am. It was stolen and recovered. The car was trashed. I held onto it for a couple of years, but never did anything with it so I put it up for sale. Before I could sell it, I had to get an inspection. A friend in the car business told me where to go to get the inspection. He told me to put $20 in the ash tray (remember ash trays?) and don’t say anything. So I do what he said. I get a call 20 minutes later saying to put another $20 in the ash tray. I left with a new sticker. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t know…the other day I was jogging in my neighborhood and an old 80’s Chevy Suburban drove by me just spewing crap out its tailpipe. I had to stop running it was so bad. I would much rather have inspections that make owners fix those instead of allowing them to drive around spewing crap we all have to breath.


Contrary to my position and feelings above and desire to have safety inspections at least every 2 years, the data seems to suggest that lack of safety inspections does not lead to more accidents.

But for pollution, it is clearly needed. Anecdotal story, we had a 1969 Rambler that was inherited and required lead additive to keep the motor from pinging. I think cars of a certain age are exempt
from meeting pollution requirements, but I’d think a 80s vehicle would be required to.

What happened to you?

Did WWI really turn you into that much of a jerk?

unfortunately mine (Galveston) is one of them

Sounds like you’re an a-hole. Were you ever a good person? Doubtful.

This is dumb. And it one of the reason we have an ultra low speed limit of 60mph in Houston. To try and keep pollution down. Everywhere else in Texas the speed limit if 65/70 even in urban areas.