Texas is legit, Gonzaga is not

Texas has 83 pts and their stud 5 :star2: star player Dillon Mitchell hasnt done much

Tyrese Hunter, Dylan Disu, Sir Jabari Rice, Timmy Allen, Christian Bishop, Marcus Carr.

Dangerous team.

Gonzaga on the other hand just looks, meh. I like Drew Timme, I like Strawther. But everyone else, is just a question mark right now


Or it could just be one of those nights where everything goes right one team and not for the other.


Tape doesnt lie. Gonzagas guard play is not elite

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I want to see how the cow college does throughout the season first, instead of one home game that was their super bowl.

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Beard stresses defense like Sampson. His system isn’t too much different in that the defense is always there. When their guards are draining 3’s they’ll be hard to beat. Similar to Houston.


They’re too soft and finesse. Will always have trouble with a physical team that they can’t out talent on paper.

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The difference maker is their head coach. Texas always has had elite talent


He probably watches Sampson’s game tape every night and copies that. lol


If this 8 is who they’re rolling with to a Final Four :confused:. Idk.

We’ll see how Gonzaga responds. They play Kentucky next

Told yall. Barely beating Mich. St by 1 is all i had to see. UH is the best team in the country no doubt!!!

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Its not just this game & the Michigan St game

They also played a PPV exhibition vs Tennessee and lost

Definitely not playing great ball right now.

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Texas gave up 74. They’re a tough team for sure but we would be able to handle ‘em.


Not enough defense nor athleticism.

Ahhh look at you sounding all cocky and stuff lol jk

Texas vs UH at nrg would be interesting


Texas would have beaten almost any team tonight with that shooting and their defense.

So Texas will be #2 next week and we will be #3 again.


Dont take for granted the “new arena” effect.

Gotta win on the road of course. But, good luck beating Texas at their place this year

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We beat them already in a scrimmage this year


UH is so good though. They’re scary how good they’ve look early on destroying their inferior opponents.

Plus they are the odds on favorite to cut the nets come April. +600. The next closest is +1000.