Texas Monthly: "Losing Our Religion: Texas’s College Football Identity Crisis"

“With UT headed to the SEC and the Big 12 on life support, the state stands to lose its century-old football culture.”



tradition, regionalism, rivalries…all gone

The only religion those bible schools believe in is the mighty Dollars! Especially Baylor! They have even harbor rapists and murderers and lied about it!


As usual Texas Monthly carries its shill sword for UT well. How about what we did to lead integration in college athletics in Texas? How about the political hatchet job on us to keep us out of the Big12? How about the private grab bag UT and A&M enjoy from the PUF?
Just another example of political propaganda that is passed under the name of journalism.


And don’t forget UH is the first school in the entire south to accept minority athletes into its athletic programs! Schools like UT, A&M, Alabama, Florida, etc only did it because they feared of losing to a school like UH in athletics if they don’t integrate because if they don’t integrate they would lose the services of great black athletes in not only football and basketball, but track and field and many other sports as well!


What? Kentucky had a black football player in the late 1960’s and Missouri had one in the 50’s

Deep South/Gulf Coast South is accurate.

“Losing its culture”???

You mean the culture of two schools living on state welfare for a 100 years and using their gains against others in state to their benefit.

Good riddance. Lets lose the rest of our culture and move their two campuses to Zwolle and New Roads.


One? UH was the first school to make it official its policy to accept minority athletes in all sports based on their qualifications and not their skin color. It said so in an article that I have read. Maybe a couple of these schools took in one black football player as a way to keep them from playing for other schools like UT and Notre Dame used to do because these black football players were mega superstars! But these black players seldom got playing time. UH was the first school to do it as a matter of its integrating policy to accept all athletes based on their qualifications and their benefits to the school regardless of their race in a big way in all sports. None of those schools you pointed out could say that!


There were other schools in the south, gulf coast, if you want to be specific, that had black athletes. It was great that UH helped break the color barrier, but saying we were the first is a spin on other colleges that did as well.

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The horns won’t be playing patsies/cupcakes any longer … and no one will be throwing a flag when all the SEC league will be showing the hookem down sign with their hands during the games … especially the ags … their LHN will soon be gone …

I am afraid the horns may have bitten off more than they can chew and they won’t be in Kansas any longer Toto … AND … they won’t be in land of Oz either … no yellow brick road … just a lot of scary fellas beating up on them … every Saturday …


I believe Texas western had black players before we did

In football ? Mid 50s for them in basketball.
Warren McVea was 1964 for UH.
I thought he was the 1st in what is the current FBS level.
Could be wrong.

I change my response to “Highest level football in the Deep South/Gulf Coast South is accurate.”

They did.

I know TSU and PV did.


TSU and PV are HBCUs and Texas Western is not a southern school but rather a western school.

Well then UH would not be a southern school. Well, if you want to play that game, Southern U (in Baton Rouge) and Grambling are surely southern schools that had black players before we did.

Once again both of those schools are HBCUs and I will argue that Houston is a southern city.

Sorry ‘57 but we were not the first to bring black athletes to Texas College football or hoops.
Texas Western, now UTEP, North Texas State and West Texas all had black athletes.
And remember Texas Western won a national championship with five black starters.
Not to mention David Lattin, the big center for Texas Western was actually slated to be our first black hoops recruit but our board decided the time wasn’t right.