Texas & Oklahoma to SEC

It seems like certain forces are coalescing kind of like the rest of the country. Exclusivity and dollars chasing dollars seem more important than whatever actual college sport people participate in, attend and/watch on TV.

I guess my question is:
Is this move (OUT to SEC) some kind of omen?

Should I be worried? :thinking:

No worries. We will do what we can, which will be far less than about a dozen schools who are brand names.

What we don’t know yet and won’t for several years is whether the NIL/payments/cooperatives will result in championship runs. Remember, that NIL money, if coming from boosters, may decrease donations to the athletic departments. Too soon to know anything other than seeing some splashes of signings along with NIL deals.

I think it’s the same money thrown around so it’s going to go to nil vs ath depts. it’s why Sabin is pissed. There’s only so much money to throw around and even if higher slightly , it will go to recruits vs ath depts.