Texas Open Carry with No Permit

I forgot to include previously, let’s ask be clear who will applauded for utilizing their rights to the fullest. It’s only
members of a certain demographic (you can guess which shade of demographic too).

Other than that there’s just this weird brain thing we humans and especially males have where we dramatically overestimate our own capabilities. And carrying in general is just an extension of that, your reflexes are probably not lighting, your courage capacitor is probably not as high as you think it is, shooting under duress is an entirely different skill set than range shooting, and finally most of psychologists will tell you that killing another person is an extraordinarily difficult task for a well adjusted human being. That’s not even going into just how deficient the open carry thinking is.

But yeah @HCNY can have my shorts and Chacos when hell freezes over and even then I might wear them with a hoodie.

Appears I didn’t read this very well. Private businesses must verbally tell an open carry customer
about their gun policy. Posting a sign is insufficient per CBS news:

Under current Texas law, residents must obtained a permit to carry a handgun, which requires a training class, shooting class, written exam and an application fee of up to $40.

The bill would allow for anyone 21 or older to carry a handgun — either concealed or openly in a holster — without fulfilling those steps. It also says business owners must verbally tell customers if guns aren’t allowed in their businesses, rather than only posting a sign.

What difference does it make how they look. If they have the right to carry then they should be allowed. The question is permitting and I can’t see why any reasonable person wouldn’t be ok with having to have a permit. To me it doesn’t even get to the level of debate in my mind. But heck I don’t see why having to have a valid id to vote is a debate issue. But it is.


Personally I (would) conceal no matter what. Its a safety issue. Theft really. Did you know that statistically speaking police residences are higher theft targets because they have guns inside?

If I had a gun visible I would be concerned that someone could take it.

Thats why mine’s not.

To the issue itself. If there was to be a law of open carry without a permit needed then I would carry one myself.

I really don’t want a gun but if the whole State is going to be openly packing then the new safe thing would be to pack oneself.

Never happen where I live.

But I never thought the open smoking of MJ would be totally legal. The world has gone insane.

In all seriousness I get what you’re saying. We have enough trouble with people misusing
Alcohol already. Legalizing MJ will only contribute to stoned drivers IMHO. Not sure the benefit
to those who want to smoke at home out weigh the general public safety. But back on point,
I really don’t see many reasonable folks wanting to open carry. But there will be some. I would not feel comfortable taking my family out to eat if a bunch of patrons are prancing around with guns
strapped on for public view. So who is this permit less open carry law really for ? Is this
really a pressing legislative issue when we can’t keep the lights on due to winter weather in

Not trying to pivot this conversation in another direction, but the recent incident in Minnesota comes to mind when I read the above.

The officer meant to grab her taser but instead grabbed her gun and shot a man. She had been a police officer for over 2 decades and I’m sure very well trained. She’s been in difficult situations before too, I’m sure.

Yet she made a critical mistake in the heat of the moment. If experienced and well trained professionals can struggle in these moments, just imagine the average citizen with zero training or experience.


It Simply will result in minor altercations of taking someone’s parking spot or cutting in line at a gas station into a few deadly outcomes. But isn’t the right of constitutional carry worth a few bad outcomes ?

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So let everyone carry. The dentist, the lawyer, the dry cleaner, the kindergarten teacher, the homeless man, the professor.

Sounds great. Sounds like the world we should live in.

Packing at the library and opera house. How far have we come as a planet.

I think you know the answer here… No further comments are necessary.

Yeah you’re right. This thread should be closed at this point.
Thanks to everyone for their input.

From my counting it looks like it’s 50-50. 6-7 folks think open carry with no permit is a
Good idea; 6-7 posters don’t think it’s a good idea.

Probably should have just made it a votable post.

I carry a gun any time I travel in state but I will never open carry. And I have guns at home to protect the family.
That said I pray I never have to shoot anyon we…ever

Thoughtful response. But for sake of counting, I have you and FunkMaster down
as “good idea to have unpermitted open carry for all” even though both
of you would only do conceal carry. That was a position that was interesting to me.

Whatever you say sir…and let me add I think anyone who has a gun should be properly trained in using that gun I believe you shouldn’t have a license to own a gun. Training yes, license no. My dad taught me how to use a rifle or pistol properly…plus I was on the rifle team in high school many moons ago…you know back in the days when you could buy guns out of magazines with no problem lol…

Sorry if I misunderstood your position; but overall it still looks like
Coogfans posters are roughly 50:50 on “unpermitted open carry for all non felons over 21”
with verbal warnings required by opposed business owners (posted signs not sufficient ).

This is what’s in the Texas House passed bill. It will be fun
To see what the senate and governor do.

Not what I hoped for or wanted on that question , but it is what it is.

The common denominator in these horrific and tragic moments is that the killer(s) were known by either the local police or by the FBI.
The Indy and local police precincts were warned multiple times by the killer’s family that he was extremely dangerous and feared for their own lives. The police did not act.
Just a few weeks ago the farrakhan (he promotes violence against white and jews) follower was known by the fbi as being very dangerous too.
The 911 commission pointed out how disconnected law enforcements agencies are. How is it possible with all of the technology that we have that these two individuals and many other mass killers were able to proceed with their massacre?
What is it going to take?
We are also hypocrites to turn and ignore what has been going on in Chicago for decades. We can’t ignore one type of horrific action and not the others.

How many NRA members were involved in mass shootings? None.

Its not a good idea for me personally. I think for a guy/girl in a pawn shop or liquor store it might be a good preventative in their eyes.

Maybe even a jewelry store person or a woman walking their dog at night might think about it. Things like that.

All Good examples and food for thought. But for a woman walking dog at night, I’d say dont do that ! Or get a bigger dog.

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Yea. It might be too much of a motor memory challenge. Any time you utilize a weapon to protect yourself it requires a good deal of agreement between your mind and body. The woman with her dog would probably reflexively try to hang on to the leash.

Protective Rottweiler 1
9mm. 0

A person can only shoot one gun at a time

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