Texas or A&M

We’re talking about this but A&M has to beat Penn State and Texas has to beat Colgate. Also don’t forget about Xavier

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UT has taken steps to harm UH over decades. By doing so, UT has harmed the city.

I’m hoping for an outcome, but rooting might be going too far. In fact I won’t even watch the game.

i even pulled for SEMU to beat a+m corpus christi last night just because there were a+m affiliated. unfortunatley the beach ags won


In the current scheme of things, my vote will be to see Texas in elite eight. I want full legitimacy and removal of all doubt from the naysayers. Mano o Mano. I want to literally seek them out and hunt them. They need to have the full experience of this CKS team. Not scrimmage but a real game.

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Colgate over State Penn.


Houston will likely need to beat Auburn on their home turf to play either. Doable, but not an easy task if the calls don’t go our way. Hopefully, UH has a nice contingency of fans in Birmingham to support the team.


We did it last year in football! my brother in law and I were there, as 2 of a few hundred fans. We had a blast, and Birmingham is a nice spot for a few days. Nothing longer though… :sweat_smile:

Auburn fans are pretty hospitable. Talk mess during the game, but congratulated us on the way out the stadium and never said anything hostile.

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For what it’s worth, Jay Bilas has Texas A&M losing to Penn St. and Texas beating Colgate.

He has Texas beating UH in the Elite Eight. Here is his analysis:

“This bracket looks like it was set up so at least one team from Texas would reach Houston. Well, one will, and I think it will be Texas. The question is whether the Longhorns can put the Big 12 title in the rear view mirror and move on. If they do, they will move on to the Final Four. Winner: Texas.”

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As much as I hate to say it, Texas is really good this year. I certainly think we can beat them, but that’s going to be a really tough game if it happens. I’m pulling for Texas A&M.

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I am pulling for Colgate and Pedo St for damned sure.

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I’m rooting for the ground to open-up and swallow both if it’s Horns vs. Aggies.


:x: Texas
:x: Texas A&M
:white_check_mark: Giant Meteor


They can both lose! Xavier


That said - Sampson needs to embrace a Sasserless game plan and get the team into it.

It was clear (to me) that wasn’t the case and we were shell shocked after he had to sit.


Walker, Mark, and Arceneaux can all go off driving the ball. They need to man up and do it.


Thank the Gods we don’t have to figure who we would have been rooting for.

Turns out Aggies are willing to do anything to avoid UT.