Texas State Trip

Where to eat? Any suggestions? Is anyone tailgating?

Hays BBQ for lunch probably and doing UHAA tailgate. I am coming from San Antonio, so it is a short trip for me.

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Our group will be tailgating. Have heard the “Coliseum Lot” is basically the only option for non-SWT donors, so planning on getting out there early (8 or so) to get a spot. Not sure what time the lot starts to fill up. Will have early games on if any Coogfans need a spot to congregate before kickoff. PM with numbers and I can send a location out when we get there.

Dude, I’m seriously thinking of going. Would love some suggestions.

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San Marcos and all along the highway I-35 is an endless array of restaurants…

Be warned traffic near the stadium and the 80/ I-35 intersection can be horrendous.

GRINS restaurant

Casual with lots of atmosphere

Almost feels like you’re eating in a treehouse

Palmers is a good restaurant if you want something a bit more upscale but still casual

I think we should choose a Friday night Coogfans bar and meet up.

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Why the hesitation? Come out Man! It will be a blast, like a mini vacation.There is about 300 seats left on the UH side. 221-223 still had some as of Sunday morning
#1 find a friend with a hotel, because there are no more vacancies. (Seriously) #HtownTakeover
#2 official pregame meal at pluckers @1pm in San Marc
#3 Tailgate
#4 Be sure to represent @Buc-ee’s
#5 GoCoogs!

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Here’s a map that one of the Texas State folks created to give an idea of the layout. Our group is going to set up just across Charles Austin Drive from the UHAA tailgate.

Texas State Football Map

Looks like parking will be extremely tight. Get there early, or Uber.

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Sweet! Thanks for this! I think they need to update the UH section though.:wink::+1: Whoose House!?

Chris I am not against the idea of a gathering of coogfans at a bar prior to Saturday. However, I am not driving up until Saturday with my daughter. So you or someone else would have to spearhead the event.


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