Texas Tech - opening line

Opened at Tech by -6.5, but is currently down to -2.5.

I will be disappointed if we don’t win this one. This is a winnable game. The pieces are there, now win.


Other opening lines…

Oklahoma by -21.5 over Tulane
Arkansas by -21.5 over Rice
Marshall by -3.5 over Navy
Rutgers by -13.5 over Temple
North Carolina State by -16.5 over South Florida
Appalachian State by -13.5 over East Carolina

The real winner is Fresno State by -25.5 over UConn!

Not a single team we play this year who opens with an FBS game is favored to win their game.*

*Memphis, Tulsa, SMU games aren’t listed because they open with FCS teams.

Easy peasy schedule


we better dam well with the Texas Tech game!!

win lol

Shough going to be tuff. If UH can beat Tech they’ll go 3-0 to start the season.

If we beat TT I think we have a shot at 10 wins and gining up some excitement from Houston and casual fans for the 2021 season. Make no mistake it is a BIG game for us.


Idk dude, Grambling might have been 0-4 in the SWAC, but they scored 16.5 points / game last year and only allowed 36.75. You really think we can keep up with that sort of production?

Jokes aside, if we lose to either Rice or Grambling, Dana should be fired before he gets back to the locker room.


a very big game to get the program back on track


If we beat tech too I think we have a good chance to be ranked at least once this season. Because our next 3 games should be blowout wins. If we beat tech we should start the season 4-0

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We own this season 10+ wins. Book it.

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Meh… other receiving votes at best. That isn’t me saying something about UH, that is a comment about the polls.

Unless we blow people out… avg 50 a game… with this schedule… we might get ranked. Otherwise there is no way we are getting ranked.


We’ll get ranked after 9-10 games if we’ve won all of them, even if they aren’t blowouts.



I just think even with this schedule you could go undefeated and not be top 25.


If we go 13-0, even with this schedule, then we’ll definitely be in the Top 25.

Going undefeated all the way through the bowl season, even with weak schedules, is such a rarity in Division I-FBS football, that it pretty much guarantees a Top 25, if not a Top 15 final ranking.

Even a MAC champion that went undefeated and won its bowl game would appear in the final Top 25 rankings.


Undefeated is undefeated. The very feat demands at least a 20-25 ranking by the end of the year, especially an AAC team. The CFP wouldn’t rank us worth a damn though.

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Look at UCF 2017. After 3 wins at the start of the season they were ranked. We could easily do the same after 4 or 5, We got this.

I think both programs feel this way. Remember, Tech also has a 3rd year coach who’s feeling the pressure to turn things around. And they’ve scored some significant transfers like UH over the past few years. I think this game is very close and the line should reflect that. Whoever is more prepared to play that day will win - not sure talent will be enough either way.