Texas Tech QB Hits Portal

Tyler Slough transferring. What is it with TT QBs transferring?


It became Morton’s team as soon as Shough went down. If Shough stays, Morton leaves. Simple as that.

Tech can’t trust him dude gets hurt every year.

Im surprised he still has eligibility


Third transfer is one to many. NCAA needs to grow a pair and change the rule to limit transfers to two.


Can’t start. Tailor made for Dana’s Magic Portal. We should see if their third and fourth stringers want to come. Make it a package deal.

This would be Shough’s second transfer. Oregon then Tech and now ?

Morton grew up a Red Raider, top-rated QB recruit and doing well. Shough wants to start again.

Bet Dana’s gonna go after him in the portal :roll_eyes:

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He loves him some tech transfers.

Maybe UTSA?

He’s from Arizona. Do either Arizona Big 12 schools need a QB next year?

This kid can’t stay healthy.


I was about to say … Isn’t Shough’s biggest issue is that he’s made of glass?


Arizona Qb is a baller


That’s actually a good guess. UTSA will be needing an experienced QB to maintain some competitiveness, especially if Traylor leaves.

Another good option for UTSA is our very own Coley (who I could see transferring out, given that he’s the 3rd option at this point), Saint Antoine is his hometown, and I’d imagine he has a good chance to be their starter.