Texas Tech

If I were Tech, I’d pass on Briles and hire Gus Malzahn. I’m no legal expert, but I can picture it raining litigation when one of Briles’ players at Tech is accused of sexual assault or misconduct.

OK Let’s try this on for size. Art Briles at ~$300K or Gus Malzahn at ~$2.0M. Tough choice?

He just resigned his current position. That says something right there.


They may slide Briles in as OC at Tech and that’ll make it easier to name him head coach next year.


It seems that Art Briles redemption is drawing near. (And IMHO it’s been long over-due!)


Still can’t get past the way he did UH on the way out.


Well I didn’t like it either and I’m sure neither did Art; but I’m also sure that it was an absolute conditional job demand/requirement of Baylor that he actively recruit RG III & friends to Baylor immediately!

Now for a little perspective. Put yourself in Art’s shoes. Who can honestly say that you would turn down an exciting and challenging new job offer with tremendous improved visibility and a $1 million per year pay raise guaranteed for 5+ years?

The AD that hired briles at Baylor is now at Liberty. Hugh Freeze is most likely leaving for a p5 job… :thinking:

I see that, but it seems to me Art is Texas-centric and may want to stay here. We’ll just have to wait and see. In any event, alternative job offers certainly affects his compensation in his return to college FB.

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tt just fired their OC, I bet Briles going to TT

That’s a great bet! Almost a sure thing!

Likely a contract for 2-3 years at ~$1,000,000/year with a buy-out clause (of course). However, I think that within a year or two, Art Briles will be back as a college head coach making $3+ million/year.

The departure, some if it was crap. Not RG3 he was a recruit he’s fair game just like Kolb was for us. But I will not give him for Tulsa just like I won’t forgive Sumlin for Southern Miss.

And whether or not he was scapegoated by Baylor is irrelevant. Tech makes this hire and I’m calling them the Red Rapers, it’s too perfect not to use and the joke writes itself.


Two hours later…

So they wouldn’t hire Malzahn because they could get Briles as HC for $300k… but if they want Briles as OC, that’ll be $1MM.


Yes, I think that the situation at Liberty may well cause TT to up their ante.

And TT is looking to hire a new O.C. not a new H.C.

There’s a right way ( Scott Frost ) and a wrong way ( Art Briles ) to handle the situation.


Nothing has changed


This likely has a lot more to do with a right way (Nebraska) and a wrong way (Baylor) to handle…




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