Texas under Hermann

Sucks compared to Sark early tenure. They are doing against OU what Arky did to them.

Just because it works at one place, doesn’t mean it will at the next stop. Judas should’ve stayed.

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Sark winning with Herman recruits. Came into a loaded cupboard full of cheese and non sliced bread.


He is doing with Herman recruits what Herman did with Levine’s


Sark is a legitimate head coach who can actually coach offense, game plan, utilize his talent efficiently, and get results. Mensa Tom should have stuck around at UH for at least a couple of more years, and matured as a HC. Too bad his arrogance and greed got the best of him. Perhaps he learned some leadership traits from Urban Meyer as his OC at Ohio State.

#7 okie QB is performing below average. This would be the game they lose, things like that would eventually catch up with them. Liability.

OU is coming back

Sark’s biggest issue was off the field. He’s a very solid coach.

If UT knew what’s good for them they’d stick with him instead of giving him the boot if he doesn’t win the championship next year.

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You have to wonder why Mensa Tom didn’t play Bijan Robinson last season.


This thread…LOL…

The Obsession with Texas football is getting weird! Texas hasn’t been relevant in years.