Texas woman almost dies because she couldn't get an abortion


I know the topic can be triggering for some folks, but I’d like to respectfully make a mention that the religious political powers in this country are making pregnancies more dangerous for women.

I’d like for conservatives to answer why making abortion illegal helps our society while conservatives strip funding for children’s health care and public education.


Because many on the pro life side only care about life in the womb after that they do not care.

It is also about men wanting to control women and restrict their autonomy. The whole illusion about making america great again is built on the illusion of life in the 50s. An era when women were expected to stay home and be subservient to men.

Half the women who have abortions are white. The percentage of whites in this country is growing smaller, it also seems a way to increase birth rates among white women to hold on to the majority of the population. Don’t laugh, increasing birth rates among white women is how they want to counter the "great replacement ".


I’ve thought about this topic.I say make abortion legal, let people and their morals dictate what happens.


Legal, with restrictions on late term abortions, like the last trimester, unless there is a medical reason or a danger to the mother.


While we’re at it, let’s just repeal the 13th Amendment.

The late term abortion thing has/and will always be a red herring. There are essentially no doctors or actual non insane people who support it. The only time it ever really happens is if the baby is dead/nonviable in which case its a medical decision and has nothing to do with the mother not wanting the baby. In fact, its quite the opposite normally and as with any miscarriage is incredibly tough on the parents. Anyone who wants to increase the suffering of the parents in those situations by making her carry around a dead fetus and suffering further health problems and/or death is straight up evil.


How do you even go there from what the topic is?

So go back to slavery being legal because abortions would be legal? Seems logical.

“last trimester” and “late term” …are controversial, because they have been hijacked and bastardized by the anti-abortion crowd.

Those terms have been bastardized and turned into political terms in much the same way as more recent terms like “CRT” and “woke”. In the case of “late term” and “3rd trimester”, we see everything from 16-24 weeks referred to as “late term” and/or “3rd trimester”, which is false.

For clarity, the medical/scientific definitions of the above terms:

  • the 3rd trimester begins in the after the 26th week
  • “late term” is actually considered to begin at the 41st week of gestation

A pregnancy that is “term” is one that actually reaches the end of the 36th week (i.e. beginning with the 1st day of the 37th week), and is broken down into 4 distinct (and medically critical) categories:

  • “early term”: week 37 thru week 38
  • “full term”: week 39 thru week 40
  • “late term”: week 41
  • “post term”: week 42 and beyond

When most anti-abortion types say “late term” and/or “last/3rd trimester” they have no idea what they are talking about…and they don’t care. I’ve seen them use those phrases interchangeably to describe pregnancies and/or abortions at 16 weeks, for Pete’s sake.



Along with the idea that armor piercing bullets and 30 round clips are needed for self defense or that meaningful, common sense and effective gun regulations is tantamount to total confiscation but I digress.


That’s an absurd argument…one that I’m sure you have no desire to defend.


Well he certainly didn’t defend his notion from yesterday that property damage is equivalent or more important than the lives of Black and Brown people targeted by White Supremacy. So odds are low for this.

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I responded to this: “I say make abortion legal, let people and their morals dictate what happens.” - In short, don’t like slavery? Don’t own one.

It all boils down to treating people as commodities instead of man made in the image of God, inherently worthy of respect.

That’s funny. Yesterday you equated literal commodities to actual people soooo which is it exactly?

I pointed out deaths resulting from Left-wing violence. I made it clear I denounce violence on both sides.

Major false equivalence. Major.

Thread hi-jack at that.


I didn’t equate them. Don’t put words in my mouth.

Not putting words in your mouth at all. I and others said that right-wing violence kills more people than left-wing violence and you said that wasn’t true because of all the property damage and arson that took place because of antifa. That’s equating, my dude.

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Thank you for clarifying your point of view…but it’s still absurd.

Abortion is NOT comparable to slavery. I’m well-aware that your argument has long-been a popular one in anti-abortion circles and those with high levels of racial resentment, but any attempt to equate abortion to chattel slavery is just patently absurd.

Abortion is a medical procedure. American slavery was a political system of race-based oppression and subjugation.

This is some arrogant nonsense, here.

Your mistaking your personal opinion for the ACTUAL perspective of every woman in America.

Who are you to pretend to speak for the motives of every woman who chooses to have an abortion?


I’m sure that quote means a whole lot to our atheist citizens. That’s the problem
with letting religion be the basis for philosophy of governance. Take religion out of
government policy ; government is to insure your freedom to practice your religious beliefs,
whatever they may be, in private life. Don’t know why that concept is so hard to accept as it is
the basis for our constitution.


I hear the argument made that abortion is akin to slavery.

How do they come to that conclusion?