Thamel: Big 12 Expansion is still Muddled, but Oklahoma's Trend to Status Quo could Render Process an Exercise in Futility


Fittingly, it appears Boren’s damaging comments to the Big 12 came in part because he has trouble in his own backyard. Oklahoma’s Board of Regents is not in favor of Big 12 expansion, and it appears to be putting an increasing amount of pressure on Boren to convey that message. This could seriously gum up the league’s expansion plans.

With eight of 10 votes needed to add schools, there’s an increasing expectation that Oklahoma won’t be voting in favor of expansion. Mathematically, that could make matters tricky going forward. “David is David,” said another source. “He was a governor and a senator and has a political side to him. I’m certain he’s feeling a lot of pressure from his board.”

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Tramel went on and on serving left overs and guessing for the most part …

And yes Boren appears to suffering from dementia and is an attention gatherer and microphone hound according to Tramel.

And much to the northern school’s dismay the horns who apparently they dislike with a passion is the ONLY school willing to keep the conference intact BUT at a price … its the horns way to follow or the highway …

At this point they have 2 1/2 weeks to decide to follow a looney bin Boren and a near future of uncertainty as they are near the abyss and in danger of falling in …

OR …

they can follow the horns and add UH … and either BYU or Cincy … flip ah coin … and at least have another nine years to keep their dignity as it would seem without the Big12 the little eight as Tramel labels them have no where else to go P5-wise

Good article along the lines of what we’ve all been talking about.

To me, the most important things are the acknowledgement that Texas holds all the cards and that the Little 8 have the most to lose. I can see the expansion going 8 - 2 (OU and OSU no) for expansion with Texas threatening/offering goodies to the Little 8 so a vote to expand is done.

Once that vote occurs, OU will be forced to the reality that +2 are coming so they might as well get one pick, leaving us as Texas’ pick.


Boren denies he is against expansion…this is what happens when idiot writers from all over the country dont know whats going on and just say whatever to get viewers to read…
We dont KNOW wahts going to happen till the prez’s meet…but Texas wants expansion and if they dont get it, their view is Big 12 not a viable conference…Theyll leave and it wont take em 9 years either. Stories already percolating out there…

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Couldn’t help but notice Chancellor Khator had a pic of her and expansion member Gordon Gee of WV on Twitter today.

This one:

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