Thank God we're not in CUSA anymore

This game quality makes it obvious that it’s a CUSA budget.


Think ConUSA football is bad…

The Con USA hoop tourney a few years ago was held in a split gym w a curtain in between. It was streamed.

I did not watch it last year.

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And some of the genius posters here thought we should stay in CUSA.


I don’t remember a big outcry to stay in CUSA when we were invited to the (then) Big East. I guess there’s always gotta be a contrarian.


The quality tonight is 10x better than my ESPN3 experience a few weeks ago


At no time was any UH fan pleased to be in CUSA. Not being invited into the BIG 12 was an insult.

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I think that was Andre Ware

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I really liked the onfield referee camera. I would like to see more of that.


The repetitive commercials on ESPN 3 are borderline criminal. This experience was really nice. I said on another thread that it was as close to being at the game as I could get sitting in my living room


Actually, once the streaming settled down it was quite pleasant and more enjoyable than ESPN. The interactive stuff was cool. I mirrored it to my tv and the picture was quality.

I still hate facebook


Same here in north Alabama. Not a FB fan but once I found the correct link it was fun to watch on ipad (had the Astros game on the smart tv)

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correct link was key

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I liked that they tailored on the teams playing and talked about their past players. They reflected on both teams history.


There were so many counterfeit links.


That is what broadcasts should be like. It’s about the teams we’re watching, not some conference bias BS.


when the game stopped streaming I didn’t shut down right away. About 3 minutes later some arabic video started streaming

You may have had a counterfeit. I didn’t close mine. It just stopped when it was over. Did you get yours off the UH Football timeline?

UH - Former CUSA
UCF - Former CUSA
USF - Former CUSA
ECU - Former CUSA
Tulsa - Former CUSA
Tulane - Former CUSA
Memphis - Former CUSA
Cincy - Former CUSA
SMU - Former CUSA

Yeah thank god!


The original C-USA was not horrible in football but the basketball was tough! It didn’t last long.

The top half of Conference USA was not the problem, and that’s mostly who our conference mates are now.

The Conference USA that’s there now are those that were left behind, plus Sun Belt teams.

No competition, even setting aside the fact that our conference TV deal is worth 15x of theirs.

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