That pass

by Tune to Dell for a TD was special.


Tune spins a really nice ball… Just locks in on Tank too much sometimes…


SMU’s Mordecai does the same with Rice.

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The “little” McCaffrey kid will play on Sundays in the slot……maybe even on the outside.

6’2”—200lbs and runs a 4.4

Getting better everyday as a receiver that has transitioned from QB.


Looked great against us…

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It seems like Tune locks in on the Primary receiver too long and stares them down waiting for a window to open rather than moving his eyes to the next receivers which is something I don’t remember him doing as much last year. Against Rice we ran a lot of plays to try to get Tank open as well as a few plays for Golden, Carter and Manjack. On some of those plays, it seemed like the ball was going to be forced to a specific receiver regardless of if he was open or not.

I believe that’s why others like Trahan aren’t seeing the ball. Between our pass blocking issues not buying enough time and Tune trying to get the ball out to guys like Tank 1st on the majority of plays, Trahan and some of the others will hardly see a ball thrown their way unless the offensive coordinator directly draws up a play for them or Tune begins to go through his progressions quicker to find the open guy.

I don’t think these things are hard to fix. Some of it is as easy as looking off the safety and such when teams like Rice show us that single high look. Tune has an NFL caliber arm I just think sometimes we make things harder on ourselves than we need to.

It’s interesting trying to find the right balance on how much to target Tank in the passing game. Obviously he is our best receiver and he needs to be getting the ball but at the same time other teams know this as well and are going to make Tune force it to him in double coverage. I’d like to see some play action against Tulane and slip our TE’s out behind the linebackers and see if we can get some easy completions to them over the middle.


Certainly has the genetics for it. That family is absolutely blessed with athletic ability.

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I agree with CoogGrad. One of the real mysteries of this early season is how Trahan has virtually disappeared from the passing game.

On the other hand, thanks to Rick for posting this highlight. That was a seriously sweet pass and catch.

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Tune had this problem last year, too from what I remember… But he seemed to get away from it due to the fact he HAD to throw and couldn’t run after the hammy injury.

Seems like he has regressed wrt working through his progressions this year… But, I agree, he does have NFL skills other than that.

Idk why we don’t roll him to the left or right more and let him throw on the run either… Seems to be pretty good at it when he has to do it.

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