That’s some good news

Overall Cancer Death Rates Continue To Decline In US, Report Says

USA Today Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (10/27, Williams) states, “Overall U.S. cancer death rates continue to drop among men, women, children, teens and young adults, according to a report released Thursday.” The American Cancer Society’s Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer “showed a decline in every major ethnic and racial group from 2015 to 2019.” According to the report Share to FacebookShare to Twitter published in the journal Cancer, “cancer deaths decreased by 2.1% for women and men during that period.” The report “showed a 2.3% decline per year in death rates among men and a 1.9% annual decline for women, with annual cancer death rates dropping at an accelerated pace for both genders from 2001 to 2019.”

ABC News Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (10/27, Liu) reports, “Even though the number of people diagnosed with cancer each year remains roughly the same, recent medical advances mean that more people are surviving, and thriving, after being diagnosed.” Researchers “said more people are surviving after a cancer diagnosis because of earlier detection and improved treatments.”


Glad to hear. Buried 3 last week. All cancer.

A client, a cancer research doctor, said that technology has become so good they are keeping them alive to where they get cancer a third time.


I had a friend my age die from pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago. That really hit home for a few reasons. One, he was a friend since my UH days. Two, he was my age and I am not at the age were you see a lot of these diagnoses yet. Three, he was married and had a little girl just like me. It made me reflect on life a little.


A lot of people i have met are living their life for years even having later stages of cancer. One specifically has had stage 4 for 10 years but he gets infusion cycle every 6 months i believe. Can’t remember what their treatment is.

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Yea, family members have cancer or are recovering. Been taking them to the hospital, MD Anderson, and its still chock full of people. I guess that’s hopeful news instead of good, by my book.

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Been reading about mRNA tech will start to be a huge in cancer treatments. BioNTech keeps coming up…