The arrogance of the left overs teams from the Big 12

They all think they deserved to be in a P5. They also say they don’t belong will low teams like Houston, Memphis, and Cincinnati.


What did you expect?

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Consider the source Pearland. Of course they say that

Obviously, they’re oblivious to what teams have gone to NY6 bowls.

They should learn from what happened to the Big East and be proactive now.

The Big East also held onto their P5 status for a couple of years. They also had penalty money from departing schools to distribute to remaining and new members for those short years.

This short term vision is exactly and exclusively what the Big 12 is selling to prospective additions, albeit with more money.

How quickly a few years went by, and the diminished Big East was left at the mercy of the TV people, who lowballed them, and effectively ended their P5 status.

The Big 12 will be in for quite a wake up call themselves a few years from now, when they find our their own real “value” sans UT(a) and OU.

They better start thinking beyond the few years left on their TV contact and leverage that pool of money into a longer term 14 or 16 team conference TV deal, with more stability.

But short term thinking is a specialty of the Big 12, always has been. and likely always will be.


check this out…

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Yet, they were begging their mommy and their daddy not to leave them today and willing to discuss all kinds of options to have them stay.

Some (not sure all) will learn soon enough they have no leverage with anyone.



You are absolutely right. It is truly incomprehensible.

UT(a) and OU are gone. Grow up, let it go, and be proactive.

Take their exit fees (and other significant) money, and grow to 14 or 16.

And use that pool of money (likely north of $150 million in just exit fees) to restructure a longer term TV deal NOW, while they still have some perceived value.

Yes, they’ll get less money per year. But their actual and perceived value will continue to diminish every year sans OU and UT(a).

They really should be worried about their TV deal NOW, not what they think they’ll get at the end of their TV contract.


Could not have said it better.

They are devaluing themselves.

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While I understand the sentiment expressed in the TT letter above, I am crying crocodile tears for them, as they had no such concerns about us when we were left in that exact situation after the SWC broke up.

Honestly, you could replace the words TT with UH in that letter, and it would almost perfectly summarize what the Big 12 was doing and eventually did to us.


Welcome to the real world. Its a shame you found it so late. You’ve lived in a fantasy for 30 years with others paying your way and you contributed next to nothing.


They’ve all been living off the tit of OU and Texas for so long. No one is tuning in to the 11am TCU vs Kansas State game on FoxSports2.


Wow. That was weak. As one Twitter comment said you would expect more from rugged, self reliant West Texans.

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If the overprivileged eight of the so-called Big 12 are just now realizing that they really aren’t athletic royalty, it’s because they haven’t been paying attention. They missed one important clue: your conference is named the Big 12, but you only have ten [10] members. And, that’s even after you already backfilled two.

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This is hilarious : How the University of Texas treated Texas Tech should be against the law | Opinion


It’s all ok till it happens to your school.


exactly…no mention of how they had no problems sticking it to UH-another state school.


Or how they will possibly turn around and not want to invite UH to b12 remnants conf.

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As the Big12 leftovers are learning, co-dependency is false sense of security.


I must say tho…I love hearing Baylor moan and cry!! They think they are the Notre Dame of the South.