The Basketball Tournament (TBT)

Not sure how many of you guys watch the TBT million dollar tournament, but something to check out for sure if you love basketball. Talented players, super hard play, and the Elam ending is a much better finish to a basketball game. About half the teams in it are alumni teams, I think its about time we get a Coog alum team in there. The key to this tournament is having some of the best non NBA players (since they cant play). I think we could have a nice squad who competes for the title.

Rob Gray
Corey Davis
Galen Robinson
Zamal Nixon
Jonathon Simmons
Devin Davis
Justin Gorham
Breaon Brady
Chris Harris

Also could add in a couple non Coogs (thats what most TBT alumni teams do) or guys like Joe Young and Tashawn Thomas who left early.